Thursday, 22 November 2012

95th Birthday, x

Just a wee one to mark a milestone for Nanna Carrie who is 95 today, so can't believe it, she is so young in spirit and an inspiration to all that know her. I am really in awe of her and can't believe that until recently she would even wear her high heels to walk quite a way to church, really just an amazing lady.
A very beautiful lady.

And what great taste drinking her tea today from Royal Albert china.

Another one of her china collections.

 I wonder how many of us are inspired by our parents or our grandparents out there. I was so in awe of my lovely talented Grandma Alice too, she was an amazing artist and crafter. And I certainly know that I didn't have a chance really not to be into vintage china as my Mom is a complete china hoarder. I'm sure it gradually crept up on her but in me it has manifested itself big time.

Think I may need to see the VCA.
(Vintage China Anonymous)

Although it wouldn't be quite anonymous would it!

Take care for now.

Becca x

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