Thursday, 27 October 2011

Happy Birthday Roses & Cup of Tea,

Birthday Post.

Just a wee post today. Been a really busy time which is great.
We had the pleasure of Ness round today my lovely talented sister in law. 

So awesome to see Ness on her birthday.
Had a little tea party for 9.

She wore the cutest embroidered Odd Molly pink shirt.
So picked this pretty pink cup for her Yorkshire tea.

Pink and brown spotty china on Cath Kidston fabric.

 Something to add to Ness's growing collection of vintage china!
Present tied together in pink vintage lace.

These roses smell so amazing.

Have had so many visitors this week, been really fun & exciting.
And as always, great to see Ness for her birthday.

Hope you enjoyed.


Love these beautiful pink roses so so so much. They are from lovely Katy's sister who visited recently.
Wish the flowers could last forever.

And birthdays.

And people...


Friday, 21 October 2011

Vintage Blue and Gold Teapot With Chris, Part Two,

Vintage Blue and Gold Teapot With Chris,
Part 2

It seems like so long ago since I took these photographs of Chris. 

Looks so nice and sunny in these photographs.
Been a busy few days, weeks, months, year, 
you know how it goes!
But here we are graced by Chris's lovely company and her really cute bright and cheery outfit to go with this really fun blue teapot.

(Read Part 1 of this to understand the reference to matching teapots with outfits??!?)

For those that may have seen my lovely friend Chris,she is usually wearing Anthropologie.

So here are a few more cute clothes from this cool shop!

Teapot and Chris.

Love this red and white short sleeved shirt.

Little one's hands touching the old blue teapot. 
Have to teach them so early to appreciate such fineness! 

So have a serious case of the wantsssssssss with this blue sail skirt!
So, so, so need it living by the sea-side here.
Well maybe need is the wrong word, but seriously love it.

 Have a good day, Yippie the weekend approaches!

See you soon.

Vintage fair coming up this weekend!
Can't wait.


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Vintage Blue and Gold Teapot, Part One,

Vintage Blue and Gold Teapot,

I love this blue set so much, I actually have had it for ages and was so pleased when I came across it when tidying up.
How could I loose this blue and gold teapot! I love it.

So when my neighbour Chris came round in her really cute outfit, I had no choice but to get this teapot out as it matched her outfit so well. A few of you may know by now, that I am such a fan of matching an outfit to a good old vintage teapot!
And Chris never seizes to amaze me with her cute whimsical way of dressing.

(see part 2 in next blog)

I love this pretty bright warm coloured floral tablecloth. 

Some random photographs below of views of the blue and gold 
china teapot, jug and sugar bowl.

This teapot is almost a Wedgwood blue colour?

Love these cherry red and pink flowers.

Spots are so seriously cute!

OOOOOH is that banana loaf going on in this photo?

Bit too many blue and gold china jug and teapot shots, 

 So loving the orange hand-painted spots on this teapot.

Well,take care for now. 

Part Two should follow this post!


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pretty Pastel Vintage China Window Display

Really, really  excited to be showing some of my new pretty pastel vintage china in the most loveliest shop in Mumbles by Pippa Eastman a very talented milliner.

This is one of my favourite floral two-tiered cake stands.

Sugar cubes.

Four different pastel shades
of dainty cups and saucers.

 Light green,

Baby blue,

Soft pink,

Sunshine yellow,

 Pretty violet flowers.

Vintage embroidered tablecloth window display.

I really love my new Time for Tea sign!
from the lovely Ellouise88.

We have used it so many times at various tea parties!

Thank you Ellouise.

And thanks to lovely Pippa too for the really cute window display!



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