Thursday, 25 August 2011

Ice Cream Parlour.

Ice Cream Parlour
Checked out some ice-cream action over the summer holidays.
This time it was Ripples in Swansea.
It has a most beautiful view over looking the sea and Mumbles's pier and lighthouse.
A selection of fine flavours of cakes and ice-cream were on offer.
I was particularly liking the Victoria sponge glass cake stand!

Lovely detailed glass pattern.

 If only I ate Victoria Sponge cake!
It looks so beautiful.
Probably for the best it's not my favourite.
Now if you said chocolate cake!!

Lovely green glass.

A selection of cones to try.

Nice glass action.

I picked yummy chocolate! 

Hope the weather is good enough to have ice-cream where ever
 you may be. 
I'm hoping for a few more ice-creams this summer still!

I had better get my running shoes on too,
to compensate for all that sugar intake!

Take care for now.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Nature Walk in Stripes

This has to be one of the most relaxing places to take your wee ones on an adventure.
Somehow we find ourselves going there again and again.
I know I have blogged about this walk already but this time we had the pleasure of my awesome sister in law and brother and their 3 wee ones too. So a plethra of small boys in stripes.
My sister in law and I are so similar in taste and we find ourselves laughing when we meet up as we seem to buy the same things not only for ourselves, like our love for vintage china and fabrics and basically everything,
( our other halves may call us hoarders???)
but also for the wee ones like all their stripey shirts.

I also have this silly thing, where I seem to put them all in the same colour or stripes so I can see all three of them in busy places.
Is it just me who does this or do all wee boys seem to wonder off?

Number 3 checking out the crocodiles in the swamp.
Oh sorry I meant swans.

Another stripy one, but a cousin stripy one.

I have such a thing for kissing gates, if I had a big enough garden or entrance to our house, I would so love a kissing gate so that you would have to kiss everytime you arrived home.
Wouldn't that be awesome! Just a little reminder really to say hey don't forget about my lips!
Or you could just call them a gate or stile or a swinging fence!
But kissing gate is way cooler, don't you think?

I guess you could also call it a climbing frame too!

They have a really cool bird watching hut over the marsh, which was amazing. The swallows kept flying in and out of their nest.

View of marsh.

On the beach with the tide far out.

Massive sand dunes.

This is both of us in our blue and white stripes.

My lovely sister in law.

Until the next walk and weekend.

This is my first blog via laptop. I should really be getting back to holidaying!


Thanks to all the new followers and for all your lovely comments too. Hopefully I will be able to pop over to your blogs soon.

I will also be sending all those goodies to the Juicy Lucy winners soon too.


Monday, 22 August 2011

Results from the Juicy Lucy Give Away!

Juicy Lucy Give Away Results!

As you may know by now the lovely Juicy Lucy has provided this awesome giveaway. If you haven't already done so, go and check out their awesome new website stocked full of really cute things.

And the Winner is Sam from Homebird!

Check out her lovely blog @

Little one and vintage china bowl with over 100 entries!

As mentioned Sam was the winner from Homebird. But so many of you have entered this give away we thought it would be nice to pick a few more names out of that big china bowl so you could receive something too,
 (Only something dinky).
So if you are Sew Scrumptious, Gem, Grateful for Crochet , A Mermaid’s Purse, The Pink Poppy, Pootle Handmade, Allie-cat, Caroline Sawyer, Trisha Dean, or Violeta Simonovic Cooper you have won something little.

So if your name is mentioned and I haven’t contacted you please email me on with your postal address!

The three little ones enjoyed picking the names.

Big Bowl and little stripy foot.

Chris's butterfly Anthropologie skirt and pink rosebud bowl.


My neighbour Chris stopped by and had a pick of
Grateful 4 Crochet.

Chris's other half Oli (the talented chef) picking Trisha D.

My better half Mr D. picking Sew Scrumptious.

Me picking another winner Pink Poppy.

It would have been hard to just give one prize away!

Thanks all so much for entering and we are so glad you all have a love for everything Juicy Lucy!

Thanks again to the lovely team at Juicy Lucy! 
You are all such stars!

Have a great day,
 I'm off to spend it with all the boys.


Saturday, 20 August 2011

Spotty and Stripy Tea-time,

Spotty and Stripy Tea-time.

Another lovely visit from Chris. 
 All I said was -
 Are you ever inspired by the colour orange
 And look what Chris came up with? I am so, so, so  loving this colourful stripy dress from Anthropologie.
I so would love to take photographs of all of Chris's dresses in her massive wardrobe!

Is this the most cutest gigantic spotty cup ever? 

Stripes and spots.

Stripes and spots x 4.

Yes, yes, yes sunglasses were needed, a rare moment!

Loving the ribbon detail.

Nice telegraph wires behind Chris!

Polaroid Chris x 4.

Just discovered this new black and white photo app. and loving it as you can tell!

Massive Spotty cup and saucer.

I am always trying to make Chris laugh!
It doesn't take much!

Spotty cup from Whittards of Chelsea. 

A little bit of gold frame love going on at the moment!

Chris and my gold frames.

Till the next cup of tea!


Don't forget this is the very last day to enter the lovely Juicy-Lucy give away!
Check out link below.

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