Wednesday, 10 August 2011

North Gower Walk at Cwm Ivy,

Cwm Ivy Walk.

We had a long walk at Cwm Ivy in the very North west of the Gower Peninsula. I think it is one of the most beautiful areas of the Gower. It has nature reserves, mature woodlands, salt marshes, sand dunes, forest and  breathtaking views to Whiteford Lighthouse. It is also quite a secluded area so it is rare to come across many people on this walk.

Follow the signs for the beach, we did quite a long circular walk.

Always a good thing for little ones to come across a tractor or two.

Couldn't resist a Quicke photograph!

Lot's of peaceful grazing cattle.

My brother really loved this waving long grass on the walk. 

Yikes, Military debris ??

 Have a soft spot for old rusty objects.

May be because my dad is a metallurgist! 

You can just about see the lighthouse in the distance.

Beautiful view.

Couldn't resist an old shoe!
Always seems to be a lone shoe on a beach.


We had a Awesome Guest on our walk, who happened to have a couple of rulers with him,(as you do!) so we did a bit of measuring of sea life.

A few photographs of the view of the vast beach.

Lots of blowing sand. 

Lots of cloud action.

It was actually quite a long walk.
We were really lucky to have a couple of beautiful uncles on this walk who helped with the piggy backs of the little ones.

This is also a walk that our lovely Katy liked too.


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