Sunday, 29 March 2015

Pretty China ready for Spring :)

Just a little post to say hello, thanks for dropping by, Here at Fancy Vintage we have been quite busy, we often get asked for photos of china, so we recently took a couple of photos to get us in the mood for the Spring and Summer weddings coming up.

Take care for now

Becca x

Friday, 30 January 2015

Vintage Pinny Love,

Vintage Pinny Love!

If you know anything about me, you will know that I have a soft spot for most things, especially old things, my other half may call it hoarding but I obviously will disagree! 
Here at Fancy Vintage we have been making little Pinnys for a while, mostly using bits of recycled lace and fabrics. 
So here are a few images of some of the ones we've sold, 
made and hired out. 

Who loves a little doily action?

Me! Me! Me!

And old lace?

Me, Me, Me.

#Fancyvintagechina tag.

Take care for now, 

Becca x

*Shine like stars*
Philippians 2:15

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Chintz, Chintz and More Chintz

Ditsy Chintz

I'm sure you all know what Chintz means, 
(designs featuring flowers and other patterns in different colours), 
it originated from glazed floral textiles from India but it also has now been widely used for this style of china. Anyway, enough of the history lesson.
 I have a secret love for anything chintzy, 
(actually it's not so secret if it's on here, is it!) 
But here is today's post, featuring some of our Chintz china collection. 
Starting with one of my favourites above, Mrs Stocks floral vintage cup and saucer. 
Such a treat to have a cup of tea out of this beauty!

Pretty chintz fabric and cake stand with sponge cake. Notice the Pac Man shaped cake!

I think this is pure beauty, but that may be just me.

Chintz tray and pink trio,

Baby Christening chintz spread, notice the massive cake that I think I mostly ate! 

Chintz collection

Rose cupcake from Scrum Diddly.

OOOh Easter cakes on chintz

A random lidded pot, which I'm not sure what I should use it for? Any suggestions? 

A rare find - A Chintz tray, a really lovely clashing combo here!

Waaaaay too much chintz floral action here.

Cupcakes by the lovely Scrum Diddly on chintz cake stand.

Pastel coloured eggs and floral combo.

More cakes on chintz cake stand.

A recent purchase:)pretty yellow floral one tiered cake stand. 

Oooohh look at them all! Quick, shut the door, don't let the baby in! eeekkk

The collection is growing.

Pretty, pretty, pretty, two halfs of cake stands, It would be quite cool to stick them together for a hop-Potch type chintz split cake-stand look?

One of our first cake stands.

Fouuurrrrr cake stands.

Sorry about the overload of photos, and sorry about the lack of blog posts. Life has certainly been busy here with 4 boys. They are keeping us busy!
I hope you are all well, Do leave a comment and say hello!

Take care for now


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Table Plan

How about this idea for a table plan for your wedding from Made in Mumbles, with photographs by  Rasa Mombeini.With a few props by us, Fancy Vintage. We have a little bit of love going on for old vintage cameras and gold frames.


  I love the idea of putting up your old vintage photographs from your grandparents/parents wedding. Or maybe you could ask for photos from your guests before the big day to put on here?  

We also have a little bit of a soft spot for old typewriters too.


I love how one of my wee ones asked if the typewriter played games, when he first saw one!


Take care for now.


Becca x

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Gold Vintage China Wedding Display

We sometimes get asked if we can do something different for a top table for a wedding. So we went for something different this weekend at a recent wedding Fair in Swansea. Everyone loves a little bit of Gold so we went a little bit over the top and did a complete table setting entirely in gold.
With the help from Meagan from Made in Mumbles, we completed the look with a dome floral display and added a few bits of vintage china. 

* Gold china detail*

* Gold themed table setting for ten *

* Table setting*

 We have also collected quite a few glass cake stands now. Can you ever have enough? (probably!)

 And also candle sticks,

*Gold coffee pots*

Random gold cup amongst the greens!

Lovely dome floral display by Meagan from  Made in Mumbles.

The collection of gold teapots/coffee pots is growing.

Gold teapots in storage.

Gold sugar bowls.

Top view.

Hope you enjoyed 
and it's goodbye from me, 


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