Friday, 30 September 2011

Vintage Orange Dress,

Vintage Orange Dress,

I picked up this lovely colourful layered vintage orange dress this week, I really love it, it makes me laugh every time I see it.

Wish I could say I knitted the lovely rainbow coloured blanket underneath it.

Could you wear this dress both ways?

Bit of Ruffle activity going on here.

Nice belt action.

Love these diaphanous sleeves.

My sister in law, thought you may get comments that you have been tango'd if you where to wear this bright orange dress!
Just don't have an orange tan while you wear it!

Anticipation though, does this dress fit!


Oh well, it looks pretty hanging up next to it's friends.
Perhaps should do a blog on my rainbow collection of Vintage dresses?

That don't fit!

Have a lovely colourful day.



One day to go until the Worlds biggest Macmillan coffee morning.

Yikes so much to do still. 
It is a massive hall to decorate.
Yippie, more bunting arrived today! 
Hope it looks pretty.


Thursday, 29 September 2011

Pippa's Fascinators

Pippa's Fascinators

WOW! I am so in awe of the lovely and talented Pippa Eastman!
I was just popping into the shop to say hello and ended up staying and trying on most of her pretty hats and fascinators!
Below are a few photographs of Pippa's creations which she has been making for quite a few years now.

Pippa shares her shop with the lovely artist Anne Blades.

This one is good if you don't have time to do your hair!

I so want to wear this butterfly fascinator this Saturday for the vintage tea party!

An article about Pippa in her shop.

Me trying this fun hat on.

Pippa hiding.

In the window.

A big massive thank you to the talented Pippa for sharing her creations for the upcoming Macmillan Vintage tea party.

Check out Pippa talking about her hats here.

Have a good day.


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Castle Costumes,

Oystermouth Castle,

I love this castle so much, it was such an extra treat to have the local Ostreme Theatre group performing there in costumes this weekend.

A little bit of Jesting going on.

A ballon for bopping kid's heads.

There was music playing and a jester,a guard, king, queen, a couple of men and some lovely ladies with some heather. 

What more could you ask for?

Nice basket.

Cute tapestry bag.

Some children dressed up too.

Guard on look out.

And his pouch!

Loving a bit of feet action.

Such a lovely yellow dress.

Eating their main meal of the day!

Awesome welcome committee.

Windy day.

Another defender of the castle.

Outfit detail.

Think this is one of my favourites!

Really enjoyed themselves.

Walking round the castle.

Collection of green leaves.

Loved this grey dress the most!

Big, huge castle walls.

Closing for the winter soon, but wait the summer has only just arrived this week! haha

 They have fixed loads of the stone work recently so you can visit much more of the castle.

Shame it was raining a little.
Well actually it was pouring, but that was fine.

The Ostreme actors did really well!
Well done guys.

Take care for now,



History catch up time.

Oystermouth Castle in the Late 13th Century.

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