Friday, 28 January 2011

Vintage China Wedding Table, Wales,

Just thought we'd show you all a quick peek from one of the many photographs from a Wedding Fayre last week. It was a really busy day with so many lovely brides and what an awesome venue, Fancy Vintage China has already booked to go back! We are so looking forward to styling all those weddings and tea parties from all the lovely contacts.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Fancy Vintage China's Cake-Stands,

Fancy Vintage China thought it was about time we showed you a few images of some of our lovely cake-stands. It has been a fun year making them and at times really hard to part with them, please do keep in contact cake-stands! Send a postcard and tell us where you are sitting! There are way too many images to put on our little blog, but here are a few dearly departed cake-stands that have flown the nest this year.

Washed and ready to go,

Red spots, blue stripes, green stars,

Gold and pink flowers,

The cheeky hunting collection trio,

Regal navy blue and yellow,

Blue spots and stripes and floral cake-stand,

Brown, orange and navy cake-stand,

Detail of very gold floral cake-stand,

Little tiny gold and pink flowers,

One of my very favourite green cake-stands,

This cake-stand made me laugh so much and was for a really fun-loving couple!

A gathering of cake-stands waiting for cakes,

The huntsmen and their hounds cake-stand,

  Green and pink cake-stand all washed and ready to go,

Yellow and blue spotty cake-stand,

Big pink flower cake-stand,

Really happy turquoise and yellow lady jane cake-stand gone to Birmingham,

Do feel free to send photographs of your cake-stands looking happy!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Colourful Vintage Collections and Cake,

I was inspired by some new colourful thrifty finds today.
So I have put a collage of photographs together to brighten up your day!
Make sure you find time to stop and put those feet up and have a nice cup of coffee and some whoopies cakes. 
That still has to be one of the funniest names for a cake!

2 new thrifty finds today to add to my pink thermos flask,

These are actually called 'scrumptilicious strawberry whoopies',

Perfect 3 tiered whoopie holder!

A beast of a chocolate cake, I'm thinking this is just one portion?

Lovely Coventry Cathedral melamine tray.
just can't figure out what am I going to put on my Coventry tray, I know so many people that have been sent there.......

Green boots 'Thermos' flask - 1.02 litre - made in England

Lushilicious lemon whoopies - thanks CoOp!

More Retro flasks for you to feast your eyes upon - every angle covered.
Retro picnics for this summer

 The RED Thermos - approx. capacity 0.85 litres. - big on the outside, small on the inside.
The inverse Tardis effect

I didn't eat them all today - but tempted.

Edible yellow?

Coffee number 5 - wired for blogging.

Take care for now,

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Fancy Vintage Finds

Happy 2011

As it's the first /second day of the year I was just remembering some of my early encounters of various car boots and visits in 2010. I have a love of everything vintage and have done so for many years.  I have finally realised that I don't have to spend money to have something unusual or beautiful that I can touch and feel and look at I can simply take photographs.

Sometimes it is too early and too dark to take photographs and sometimes I feel a little shy getting my camera out. I have met so many lovely people this last year and have heard so many beautiful stories of treasured items that belonged to someone loved. Of unwanted gifts from mother-in-laws, to wedding presents from great Aunt Beryl with the tags still on. 

It is sometimes hard to put a value on these items and sometimes you can see that the seller doesn't really want to part with their collection of their Nan's hand knitted Christmas decorations. I wonder if my kids will want to get rid of all my treasured collections one day.

Actually they probably would want to tomorrow!

 2 squirrels, like or dislike?

A collection of badges in a vintage tin.

White and Gold teapot and cups on shelf.

Oh why, oh why didn't I buy these vintage hunting glasses!
That would be because they were very expensive.

Early morning light on music paper in a red suitcase, 
I did ask if I could buy the suitcase but unfortunately it wasn't for sale.
I loved that red case.

 A collection of old ties in a brown suitcase.

Collection of baskets

I love this collection of old watering cans.

A broken clock, almost ten to ten,
would that be cowboy hour?

2 beautiful old red cricket balls,
I was very tempted as I already have a really old cricket set.
Can you ever really have enough balls?

I love the colour of this green vintage Singer sewing machine book.

Old green glass, I can imagine the comments if I brought this collection home!

Blue and red Bonjour book

Old broken locks that don't look very useful with all that tape.

Black and white old door knobs and an essential Drill Up-To-Date instruction booklet for every female's bedside table.

A collection of rolling pins

Vintage Wilbur's Breakfast Cocoa tin, I have been starting to collect old tins, so handy to store collections.
For my collections of lace, buttons, zips, darning threads, beads,
the list goes on......

Green Famel Catarrh and Throat Pastilles tin,
bit of a mouthful.

Vintage money box 

Old wooden ratchet hand drills which reminded me of my dad.

Old wooden plane 

Funny spanish glass bottles

This waving china couple made me laugh so much I brought it,
and then the ladies hand flew off. oops

Old green phone

Old money till.

I haven’t even mentioned the china collection yet. Soon!
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