Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Spring Wedding,

What a lovely Spring Wedding! 

The Gower Peninsula was such a perfect location for this stunning wedding. 
Natalie and Scott declared their love and dedication to their guests overlooking the beach followed with a coastal path walk back to their lovely country farmhouse.

A stroll through the lanes past all the farms.

The beautiful coast and a random dog.

I love these shades of vibrant red paint.

Natalie wore a beautiful lace dress with great attention to detail.
I love the dainty buttons running down the back of the dress and the lovely little train at the back.

Natalie and bales of hay.

Really loved the ribbons around this glass vase.
The surrounding air was filled with the most beautiful scent from these purple flowers.

Love this cards and gifts table.

It takes quite a while to collect enough silverware for a wedding!

Pretty shades of pastel bunting surrounded the 
whole garden.

Pretty tea lights in jam jars suspended from trees around the garden for the late evening entertainment.

What a wonderful wedding.
We felt honoured to be around such lovely inspiring people.
And also to meet fellow enthusiastic artists too.

Hiding behind the hay.

It was such fun, the little ones had a massive hay fight with the hay bales.

And the food was amazing,curry!

All the guests bought large quantities of desserts that were  placed on that lovely vintage china!
What more could you ask for?

More photographs soon.


Saturday, 28 May 2011

Vintage Party 2,

As previously mentioned, we had a Vintage evening recently.
And everyone enjoyed being framed.
Here is a selection of photographs from some of the unfortunate ones who were captured in that cheeky gold frame.
We had props supplied by the lovely Kirsty.
I loved the selection of hats, monocles and I had a soft spot for that beard!

We had a funny vintage black and white film on a very large screen.
I was sitting next to my brother Ben so we laughed at everything.
And we sneaked all the popcorn from the surrounding tables.

Behind the scenes of the golden frame.

My little brother Ben in the lilac was in charge of photography and the golden frame.
So mega thanks to him for all his hard work and his skill.
Cheers beautiful you are a bright star shining!

Ok there was 3 of us that have our birthdays on the same day.
We now call ourselves the triplets.
Couldn't believe Elvis made an appearance.

Love these guys.

These guys love each other!

These guys love helping a lot and are awesome at it.
Also a big thank you for the vintage gramophone on the day.

Now this cheeky couple...

These guys win for the coolest outfits and coolest props!
And also they have the most massive selection of vintage outfits that I have seen for a while.

Cheeky feather boa.

3 amazing girls!

Cheeky Magritte style hat and monocle sneaking in!

Two cheeky brothers!
Hey where's the other brother?

Love this picture, and the red dress!

A selection of the outfits worn.

These guys were so so so the coolest.

              Red and Black         Red and White

Loving these red vintage dresses,
one is an original and one is not.
Which one is which?

These guys helped so much on the day.
Well actually all the time.
Red and black helps with fancy Vintage at all the shows and fairs and bookings and tidying and packing, 
the list goes on and on.
What would I do without you!

And red and white loves washing up and moving all my heavy boxes!
What a team!
And also helps me out with all my photo shoots!

Hey did someone invite Amy Winehouse?

Loving the embroidered rose pattern on this vintage dress.
And also liking the duchess pink rose-bud china.
Also lucky enough to arrive early to style the evening with me!

Loving this cultured look.

My favourite pink frilly shirt and blue velvet jacket worn by my favourite and only other half!

Love this red spotty dress.

My lovely brother and I having a wee dance.

My really cool sister in law pigging out on chocolate brownies!
I so love her accessories.
She always does it so well.

Love this cheeky look from my favourite model!

I think they are still laughing from one of my jokes?
well maybe not...

Mr P. you are star bunting putter up.

Tickets for entry.

Who can resist old suitcases?

and old labels on them.

How beautiful are these shoes, they are so my favourite ones.

But am having a red shoe moment too,
There was an abundance of red footwear.

These guys were amazing.
Especially loved them playing The Girl from Ipanema by Astrud Gilberto!
We first heard that on our honeymoon in Nice.

And a tired me at the end of the evening.

I was sent home.
While everyone else did the clearing up.

Now that is what I call amazing.
Thank you to everyone for being so fantastic
and for all your kindness and friendship 
and for making it such a lovely evening.
What would I do with out you.
Now where is the speech I was going to tell you...



Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tea Party for Two,

As previously mentioned we had a tea party recently so alas their has been an abundance of left over cakes!

So what a great opportunity to have a little tea party outside last night.
Delicious coffee and walnut cake made by Scrum Diddly.

Was the sun shining?
actually I'm not sure it was,
but it didn't really matter.
It's raining now.

Loving the flowers brought from the local Women's Institute.
I so love these pink peonies!

And I mustn't forget the awesome chocolate truffles made by neighbour Ollie!
I have been counting them as my cheeky better half keeps on making them disappear!

Are they really for sharing? 

Ok they are, but just a few!

And of course, no tea party experience is complete without the presence of beautiful Chris and her vintage outfits!

Top from Topshop,
Skirt from Anthropologie.
Thank you Chris so so so much for all your help with Fancy Vintage, 
You amaze me with your enthusiasm and helpfulness!
And washing up skills!

Teapot from Vintage Tea Party from Bombay duck

and of course,

That lovely pink floral plate is from Pip studio!

A lovely present from my gorgeous sister Rachel.
I don't get to see her much unfortunately as she lives so far away but she knows me so so so so well!
Thanks for my favourite birthday present Rach.
And also for the teacup and saucer in the same pink pattern.
I am so lucky!

Now I have two Pip Studio side plates.
A blue one from my mom and pink one from my sister.

I love May.

It is usually the start of the exciting summer months.
I can't wait to have more cups of tea outside.

Bring on the sunshine.
We all need it.
Especially me.

It has been a roller coaster month for me.
And for a lot of people I know.
I know a few that have lost special ones recently.
And my big massive heart goes out to them.

Sending up some enormous special prayers this week.

We can never have enough of those!


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