Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tea Party for Two,

As previously mentioned we had a tea party recently so alas their has been an abundance of left over cakes!

So what a great opportunity to have a little tea party outside last night.
Delicious coffee and walnut cake made by Scrum Diddly.

Was the sun shining?
actually I'm not sure it was,
but it didn't really matter.
It's raining now.

Loving the flowers brought from the local Women's Institute.
I so love these pink peonies!

And I mustn't forget the awesome chocolate truffles made by neighbour Ollie!
I have been counting them as my cheeky better half keeps on making them disappear!

Are they really for sharing? 

Ok they are, but just a few!

And of course, no tea party experience is complete without the presence of beautiful Chris and her vintage outfits!

Top from Topshop,
Skirt from Anthropologie.
Thank you Chris so so so much for all your help with Fancy Vintage, 
You amaze me with your enthusiasm and helpfulness!
And washing up skills!

Teapot from Vintage Tea Party from Bombay duck

and of course,

That lovely pink floral plate is from Pip studio!

A lovely present from my gorgeous sister Rachel.
I don't get to see her much unfortunately as she lives so far away but she knows me so so so so well!
Thanks for my favourite birthday present Rach.
And also for the teacup and saucer in the same pink pattern.
I am so lucky!

Now I have two Pip Studio side plates.
A blue one from my mom and pink one from my sister.

I love May.

It is usually the start of the exciting summer months.
I can't wait to have more cups of tea outside.

Bring on the sunshine.
We all need it.
Especially me.

It has been a roller coaster month for me.
And for a lot of people I know.
I know a few that have lost special ones recently.
And my big massive heart goes out to them.

Sending up some enormous special prayers this week.

We can never have enough of those!



  1. That's not fair!!!! I have eaten more cake than I could possibly eat this last week, and you are making me want more!!!!! You are BAD for my weight loss!!!!!

    Wish I lived close by, I would be round for tea and cake ALL THE TIME!!!! You make it all look so gorgeous! (of course though I wouldn't be able to fit through your door!!!!).

    Pip lovely of your sister!

    Well, let's hope that the rollercoaster ride comes to a halt soon and that you, and others, can enjoy a slower, even pace!

    Count my prayers in too............x

  2. What beautiful photographs. Love the cake - looks delicious!

  3. Would you believe I have literally just scoffed an identical looking piece of coffee and walnut cake! Yum! What pretty pictures.x

  4. Beautiful china as usual, and wonderful clothes worn by Chris - love the blouse!
    You have some wonderfully talented neighbours!
    Gill x

  5. What a very stylish tea you had! Love the teapot and the blouse!

    Have a happy weekend!

    lieve groet, Madelief


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