Sunday, 1 May 2011

Wedding Anniversary,

May the 1st is such a great day for a wedding, in fact I actually got married a few years back on this day.
We had brilliant weather and an awesome day surrounded by friends and family.
I went threw some of my photographs today just to have a peak.
Here are a few from the day.

Beautiful Church in Surrey.

Bouquets of flowers.

3 lilac bridesmaids dresses made by my Mom.

White London taxi. 

My Dad and I walking.

Still love the creamy-goldish dress.

As all brides feel, the wedding day goes far too quickly.
Especially when you are a little late for your own wedding!

Married an awesome friend who not only has to put up with me but also my love for china that is scattered everywhere!
Thank-you beautiful one for being so patient.
You indeed are amazing.

Do you ever thank your parents enough too for the lovely day and for giving you away.

Thank-you Mom and Dad!

Take care for now and have a great bank holiday Monday.



  1. Awwww such a beautiful day! I was just thinking about it last night!!!!! Hope you had a fantastic evening and got a bit of a lie in this morning!!!!!!

    Gorgeous photos, it's great to take a stroll down memory lane!

    Big hugs!!!!!


  2. Oh wonderful!!!!

    I love the color of your dress ... a very romantic place.
    Congrats and happy anniversary ^__^


  3. Lovely post, I love the colour of your dress too and your flowers, an unusual combination. Funny thing, before I came on the computer I had been clearing out some drawers and found my wedding album, so I have been having a little trip down memory lane too! Thanks for visiting and leaving lovely comments, love Linda x

  4. Lovely photos. I agree it does go too quickly!

  5. Lovely photo's! English weddings are so different from Dutch weddings. They look much more stylish. Love the dresses your mother made for the bridesmaids.

    Oh before I forget: congratulations on your anniversary!!

    Lieve groet & happy mother's day weekend,


  6. Those are beautiful pictures! i love the lilac dresses.
    Have a sweet evening and a wonderful Mother's Day xxxx

  7. Your dress is stunning what a gorgeous shade and isn't your mum clever making the bridesmaid dresses. Looks like it was a beautiful day for you. dee x


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