Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Wedding Day,

I hope you all enjoyed the Royal Wedding day yesterday.
So loved the dress and the excitement felt in London.
Kind of would have been fun to be there to soak up the atmosphere.
But we all had an amazing day at a Wedding Garden Party which you couldn't beat.
The most awesome food was served, the loveliest tidiest house ever and the most kindest people.
Also a perk to have the most safest large garden ever for little ones, which is always a winner!
So indeed we wouldn't have swopped our lovely day!
Also they had the largest TV to watch the wedding!

Last week I think I mentioned that we had a busy time with a large vintage tea party and a vintage wedding. 
We also had a lovely evening at the Women's Institute where they had a Royal Wedding party.
They were raising money for Air Ambulance.
So finally I have got round to putting up some of the photos from that evening.

So do you all have a Royal tea towel yet?

The ladies put so much effort into all the decorating of the lovely room.

They had quite a lot of large posters up of the Royals.
Like this one on Kate and her hats. 
They had a big hat display too.
I brought 5 vintage hats the other day, fell in love with one of them and couldn't help but buy all of them.
 They were obviously from the same owner,
 how could one separate them!
I will have to put the photos of those beauties up soon.

 Women's institute hat display.

A black hair-piece.

A dinky hot pink hat.

A display of more Royal weddings.

Close up.

Love this flag. 

Flowers, photo, wedding veil, candles, pink Champagne...

Close up.

Some silver-ware.

2 full glasses.

Little bags of treats.

A couple of vintage dresses on show.

Old vintage wedding dress.


Another dress detail.

Some vintage china on show!

More fancy vintage cake-stands.

Linda's cakes went towards the Air Ambulance fund.

Love this turquoise and gold ornate plate. 
This plate was given to me by my sister in law's sister's mother in law.

I love the length to how many people now know that I am truly a massive fan of vintage china! 

Thanks everyone.

Hope you all enjoy the bank holiday weekend.


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Inauguration Photographs,

I mentioned last week that Fancy Vintage helped out with the Inauguration of the new High Sheriff  here in Wales. 
The project manager was lovely Linda from Linda's Pipedream Cakes.
 Wow did she do an amazing job for such a high profile event. 
It was a very high tea experience for about 90 guests.
My Photographs don't do the amazing food justice.
It was also a perk to taste the many variety of cakes on offer on the vintage cake-stands!

New cake-stand collection. 

Needed 20 teapots for the day.

Love this blue and gold ornate teapot!

Needed a lot of coffee pots too.

Coffee pots are much harder to find.
I did have to borrow a few from my Mom's collection!

Pretty flowers provided by lovely Simone

Red rose cup and saucer.
Love this spoon.

Pink and cream  rose  cup and saucer.

My favourite place setting,
This was for the new lovely High Sheriff who had just been inaugurated.

Place setting for the former High Sheriff.

Love the Duchess pink rosebud set.
Think I have collected a few of these now.
My mom has always collected these too.
Thanks Mom for giving me the china collecting bug!

The Lord Mayor's place setting. 

The Reverend's place setting.

Love this Pink Sutherland china tea set.

More pink rosebud china.

Love this light rose blue plate. 

Green rose plate.

 Love this orange, green and yellow teacup.

Empty cake stands.

 Cute blue-bird tea cup.

Just playing around with the photos.

And then came the food!

 How much food did Linda do!
She was amazing.
Welsh cakes, Scones, bara brith,flap jacks, meringues, cup cakes.
oodles and oodles of sandwiches in all different flavours.
Cheese sticks, salmon parcels...
the list goes on.....

Sandwiches made for the children too.

 Think the gorgeous flap jacks were my personal favourite!


Two top Welsh desserts - welsh cakes and bara brith,

So loved the salmon on rye bread,
 bit of a fan of the pumpernickel bread.

China loaded up with food

Pretty cupcakes.

Busy table!
Needed the clotted cream and strawberry jam for the home-made scones.

Top Table of 17 people.

Cakes loaded up on the Vintage cake stand. 

Scones on vintage glass cake stand,

and more scones.

Oh and all good things have to come to an end!
the cleaning up....
Had the most amazing team of ladies in the kitchen and serving the high tea.
Am in awe of their kindness and their generosity of time.
That was so much china to clean up.

A lovely day for a lovely people.
Would defiantly do that again.

Sorry for so many photographs.
These are probably half of them.
You may have noticed that I snap away a lot.

Hope you enjoyed.
And a BIG congratulations to the lovely new High Sheriff,
Hope that you enjoy this year.
And a massive well done to Linda for amazing organising skills and cooking such tremendous supplies of food!

And also a massive thank you goes towards my amazing sister in law and mom who helped wash up and pack before the big day.
What a great team.
So glad you are part of Fancy Vintage China!!

What would I do without you!


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