Monday, 18 April 2011

Red Spotty Teapot,

Once again I was paid a visit by my lovely neighbour Chris this weekend. Her bread making other half was in London working so I was fortunate to have her company for some much needed help.
Fancy Vintage is having a vintage tea party for 100 people this week for the Inauguration of the High Sheriff. So quite a lot of china checking and making sure everything is perfect.
So helpful Chris assisted in lots of carrying and inspecting with me. There aren't many people that would be helping in a garage looking the vintage look like Chris. 

You probably have already guessed if you have seen previous posts about my neighbour that she seems to have a love for everything Anthropologie
Love this red and blue bird dress and the spotty cardi.

Chris picked one of my favourite's teapot to match her outfit.

The red and white spotty teapot is made by Elijah Cotton, 
(Lord Nelson Ware).

And also the cup and saucer.
I have a lot of this set now, I absolutely love it.

It's such a cheerful happy china set.

Hope you enjoyed.
 Better start packing china up for the tea party event.
They are not using this spotty set, they have gone for the floral vintage tea party theme.
What fun!
Take care for now



  1. It looks really happy!! I looove polkadots!
    Good luck with your tea party!! It sounds amazing!

  2. Wonderful red and white spotted china!
    And Chris is sporting a lovely A dress as usual!!
    A treat as ever, thank you!!

    Gill x

  3. Your red & white china matches the dress I am wearing at the moment perfectly (red & white polka dots)!

    Good luck with your tea party!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  4. I love this teapot, so nice and happy :-)!

  5. I love spots and red to ;-)) I have an original 1950's red domino tea set which is in my class cabinet which doesn't come out i just love to look at it ;-)) Have fun, dee x

  6. That is the cutest outfit! Especially with the matching tea set. Oooh a tea party! How very exciting, I'm sure it will all look gorgeous.

  7. Love the china, but that dress! Right up my street!!


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