Monday, 4 April 2011


March was a really fun busy month with loads of functions and wedding fairs.
As always I was a little snap happy and took loads of photographs at the different venues. I also met such lovely people this month who are so talented in so many different ways.Here is just a selection of the photographs.

Love the green vintage china so much, but not as much as these pretty cupcakes.
Check out Scrumdiddly cakes, I've probably talked about them many times before, sorry, but they are so beautiful and particularly the chocolate ones are amazingly tasty. 

Sometimes I'm sure you are tempted to only drink tea from vintage china cups that match your shoes, Ha ha.

My friend brought me a take-away coffee, I had to pour it into my fine-bone teacup, what would people be thinking?!!??
I know there is a place for take away coffee containers but I must say I couldn't be pushing the pram holding the teacup, could I? 
I think that may look a little silly, 
or maybe I should try it! he he

Oh I love this pink floral set, really delicate and dainty.
It is called "OLD ROYAL BONE CHINA".

Love this shot,hard to see what it is until I tell you.
It is a vintage wedding dress on a table.
Loved the light shining through the window.

And love the old english pink roses in Simone's flowers.
I have known her for years and love all her flowers.

A collection of vintage china.

A lovely green place setting for a wedding.

One of many glass cake-stands full of lovely cakes.

Basket of green china.
(Can you guess what is one of my favourite colours!)

Love the curves of this pretty cream and pink rose trio.

Turquoise plate and yellow cake.

Dark pink Sutherland china trio and cake.

4 cakes and 4 plates.

Pink cake and pink plate,
love the old vintage tablecloth.
You can't ever have enough of these!

My most favourite pink rose saucer ever!

Collection of cream knives and forks.

Yellow rose cake on gold plate.

Pink rose cake on turquoise plate.

Collection of pink roses on cream.

Wedding place setting.

Quite a few photographs still to come, 
will save that for another time.
 Hope you enjoyed.
Love weddings so much.

Have a good day.



  1. Really amazing!! Love alll the pictures! Te cupcakes are too beautifull to eat!

  2. Just beautiful do you sell any of your china?? id be very tempted if you do!!

  3. Beautiful, really inspiring. May have to dust off all my old china and start using it more.

  4. Too much, it was all too too much china loveliness!!!! I feel that i now have to go on ebay and search out more beauties for my modest collection!
    One of your photos has also provided me with a solution to how to refurbish a dresser too, so thanks for the inspiration!!!

  5. Just beautiful photo's you have some really pretty china, dee x

  6. WOW! Complete and utter eye candy! Loved ALL the pictures, it was hard to choose a favourite. I adored the pink roses on the turquoise plate, and the last picture the wedding plate setting was beautiful too. Your collection is awesome. I want a vintage party now!


  7. Thanks for lovely comments! I will have to have a big Vintage party for all my blog friends! xxxx

  8. wow the pictures are so beautiful and lovely. The China is so beautiful and the cakes are to beautiful to eat. Lovely blog!


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