Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Children's Vintage China,

It's been a busy, busy, busy week, so blogging has gone on the back burner this week.
I'm sure you are all weeping with utter sadness!
But to cheer you up, I came across this mega cute china trio a while back.
We use it regularly and the little ones are always excited to get this set out. I am so in love with all the whimsical children's characters portrayed on this Gainsborough china.

Fox and hedgehog.

3 pieces.

Mommy and baby hedgehog in pram.

Chris and china collage.

More cute vintage animal characters.

And lovely Chris found time to enjoy her cup of tea in this dinky china cup.
Once again I am loving all Chris's anthropologie clothes. I am still enjoying the challenge of trying to match up her clothes with Fancy Vintage's china. If you are new to this blog, you can check out Chris and all her cool pieces of clothing here over the year. All with a different tea cup and teapot. 

Chris always comes armed with lots of treats. 
This time it was  some really gorgeous German chocolates.

Take care for now everyone. 
Thank you so much for visiting, please do leave a comment, 
I love reading what you all have to say and also visiting you.


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fancy Vintage,

We couldn't help but get excited with these cute little potato letters at a little tea party at the weekend.
(It doesn't take us much to get excited!)
Ok, so we did get a little bit carried away and ended up spelling out all the children's names. It took two large bags of these letters to feed all of them and to spell out their names.
They loved finding their place setting with there name on it.
Don't worry they ate more then just potato letters.

(They had ketchup for the main course!hehe)

Cath Kidston pink rose pattern.
 Gold vintage china plate. 
(I have a lot of these pretty plates
in different sizes).

Vintage written in potato letters.  
Pink and blue for the boys and girls.

Have a lovely day.

Love from Fancy Vintage.


Friday, 13 January 2012

New Chai Delicatessen and Tea Room

Visited the lovely local new Chai Delicatessen and Tea Room yesterday in Mumbles, Swansea. It has an awesome selection of over 40 teas, tasty food and a really friendly atmosphere.
Always like it when your tea is served in china!

This cute heart shaped sign should read, 
Keep calm, drink tea and eat cake!
A wide selection of tea to choose from.
As well as other gorgeous products.
Chai tea.
Some tea drinking going on.
Bit of cute china action.

We will so be going back.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Really Pretty Pink Vintage China,

I am so in love with this pretty pink and black delicate china set. This is a recent purchase that I have had hidden away for a little while.  How crazy is that, hiding this! I have realised how ridiculous that was - so it is now out on display on my Welsh dresser in the pink section.

Warning - I may have got carried away with the photographs again. It was the pinkness of it. 
Three stacked high.
Three stacked high again but way closer!
These tea cups look slightly speckled pink.
Pink trio.
Of to the left.
To the right.
Oooooh hello there, you three trios.
Three in a row.
Bird's eye view, 
What were the birds doing in my kitchen?**!!
Spotty pink jug and tea cups.

As well as pink china, 
I also so love pink tulips.

Is Spring coming yet!



Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Love Egg Cosies!

Egg cosies Set Number Two. 

I Love, love, love these so much, so cute!
These LOVE felt egg cosies are also hand made from the lovely and  talented Ness.
(see earlier post)

Eggs looking really sad, cold and lonely.

Now the eggs are lovely, warm and snuggly.

Hand made and stitched with felt.


L O - Why am I writing this, you can clearly see the letters!


Spotty egg cups hiding underneath.

And the little ones couldn't resist playing with their toys and the egg cups again.

Good parking spot for trains.

Egg cups are also handy for storing marbles and train batteries. 

Have a eggcellent day.

Can you imagine a wedding breakfast with loads and loads of vintage egg cups, toast racks, mix matched vintage china, loads of teapots, jams, teacakes, big English breakfast.

Oooooh that would be nice.

Except how early would the bride have to get up to get ready for a breakfast wedding.


Bad idea!



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