Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cute Egg Cosies.

My lovely sister in law Ness makes absolutely everything. 
I was lucky enough to get loads of hand made gifts this year. One of my favourite makes was this really cute egg cosy set.
It went down well with the wee ones too.

Can you guess who wanted to play with them?

 Is everything a toy with children?

Can you believe wee boys would be arguing over crocheted egg cosies.
You have to laugh really.

                Crocheted in lovely neutral shades.

These are mine!





This little one wants more.

Playing with his eggs.

 Pink spotty egg cups and floral Cath Kidston fabric.

Ok, I should really finish this post here.

If you love china only - this is the end.
Do not read any more.

Especially if you don't like monsters.

With an egg cosy on his head!

More Ben 10 figures with egg cosies.

 And then we have the new cosy train collection.

 Just what you needed to see.

Sorry, Salty and Henry had a little bit of personal time with the egg cosies.

I told you not to look, cheeky little ones, 
What would my sister in law say!

Sorry, Ness.
I am honestly taking good care of them!



  1. Boys hey!

    Is nothing sacred? My boys are just the same. Everything has the potential to be the best toy ever. Yesterday my too eldest were scrapping over a few tails of yarn I'd snipped of something I'm knitting.

    Your SIL is so cool isn't she? Tres clever lady.


  2. Ha ha ha ha to cute ;-)) dee x

  3. Laughing! I think Salty and Henry may have started a trend there! Maybe middle one might like 'hats' for all his trains?!!!!!! Do you think Ben10 and Gormiti might like some too! They would be the talk of toy world! ha ha ha!

    Love the pics, the egg cups are gorgeous....and the cosies aren't half bad either!!!!!!!!


  4. My first laugh of the day! Thanks:) I love your posts:)


  5. Hats of to all :)
    a good laugh
    Cate x

  6. ooops
    I meant off
    This laptop can't spell

  7. That is hilarious! Train hats - fabulous! She's a clever girl your sis-in-law - what a stunning gift. Beautiful photos too hon. Hope you're having a lovely week.


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