Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Children's Vintage China,

It's been a busy, busy, busy week, so blogging has gone on the back burner this week.
I'm sure you are all weeping with utter sadness!
But to cheer you up, I came across this mega cute china trio a while back.
We use it regularly and the little ones are always excited to get this set out. I am so in love with all the whimsical children's characters portrayed on this Gainsborough china.

Fox and hedgehog.

3 pieces.

Mommy and baby hedgehog in pram.

Chris and china collage.

More cute vintage animal characters.

And lovely Chris found time to enjoy her cup of tea in this dinky china cup.
Once again I am loving all Chris's anthropologie clothes. I am still enjoying the challenge of trying to match up her clothes with Fancy Vintage's china. If you are new to this blog, you can check out Chris and all her cool pieces of clothing here over the year. All with a different tea cup and teapot. 

Chris always comes armed with lots of treats. 
This time it was  some really gorgeous German chocolates.

Take care for now everyone. 
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  1. I love this set. I have been collecting a bit of nursery ware and this design seems familiar - I'm sure I have a money box with similar illustrations. Great pictures as always.

    Sam x

  2. Just gorgeous.

    Love it.


  3. I had no idea they made nursery china! It's adorable! Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Oh love it! How on earth do your kiddos handle china so delicately?! Mine would crush the lot! It is lovely though to have deliacte china with a nursery theme. I love Chris and her outfits to match your china! I am going to have to rise to that challenge too! ha ha!

    Bug hugs and have a super weekend........xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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