Sunday, 8 January 2012

My Mom's Collection

 I know that I didn't have a choice in life whether or not I was going to like pretty vintage china or not. 
My mother is a big fan of not only china but books, sewing, knitting, actually everything, I know she moulded me big time!
Not to mention the tea shop experiences and the elevenses'!
(at 11 am it is time for a cup of tea and cake)
Then it became the twos-eys, fours-eys, you can imagine how large we would have become if she carried on every few hours!

This is part of the first cake stand that I remember when I was growing up. It would be staring at me every time I opened up the cupboard on my parents Welsh dresser.  That cheeky hole over time was getting hold of me, reeling me in and taking control of my brain.
And I guess that is what I love doing now, drilling holes in plates! Well not really putting the holes into the plates. But it is really difficult - as I love every plate but can only think that someone will be finding great joy from a lovely cake stand full of cakes. 
(I hope!)

My mom has quite a collection now, and she tries to use them all.
She likes matching them up to different personalities.
( I wonder why I always get that little white plain one!) hahha


They are stacked 3 or 4 high on one of her dressers.

I so love this one!

Can you tell!

So just a few images from one of their Welsh dressers the other day.

Followed by a little bit of awesome Christmas cake made by my mom - she is such a fan of the Duchess pink rosebud china. 

Thanks lovely mom for absolutely everything.

I also so know where I get it from when I hide my new purchases somewhere in the house and then comment that I have had them for ages. I so know who I take after!



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