Monday, 9 January 2012

Kid's Vintage Tea Party

We had a really sweet tea party for six children over the holidays. They all loved pulling the cute crackers, and drinking out of the dinky coloured glasses.

Colourful yellow floral vintage tablecloth.

I have this vintage fabric in two different colours.
Will do a post soon featuring the other one, 
I know you can't conceal your excitement!

These glasses remind me of my Grandma. 

They come in a variety of pretty colours.

Forgot to take photos of the other shades of glasses as this one was so my favourite.

Pink beetle plates.

Setting for six.
I know, I know only five settings can be seen.

Pink beetle plates x 4.

Colourful crackers.

 A whole lot of floral action going on here.

Ok, so a few of the wee ones came to the table prepared with their favourite cars. Usually it's trains or action figures.

Do you think you would ever guess if this little kid's vintage party was for boys or girls?

Or do the cars give it away?

Train them early I say, get them used to prettiness and china!



  1. Beautiful and such a sweet idea, love all the colours. dee x

  2. Pink beetle plates! Oh my heart!

    Glad to see my table is not the only one that gets added to with little cars.

    Happy New Year Becca,



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