Monday, 28 February 2011

Big Cakes!

Saw such a massive collection of cakes this week in a little tiny cafe in a back of a hall, where an auction was being held.
What a massive 3 tiered cake,I haven't seen one this big for ages. 
I was a little tempted by the chocolate one, but resisted!

A few different angles of the beast!

The cherry looks so small.

Would have looked much better on a vintage glass cake stand!

Had a lovely selection of welsh cakes too!

Fun to play with photographs of cakes;
Don't gain any pounds!

Have plenty more photographs of cakes I have eaten!
Another day.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Pheasant Vintage China Tea-set

Had a lovely time yet again with another cup of earl grey tea from my lovely Vintage pheasant teapot! Yet again I stumbled on another pheasant tea-set that almost matched the teapot, at first glance you think it's matching, but check out those wings!

My lovely friend and neighbour Chris was also around to enjoy the experience,yes again her whole outfit is by Anthropologie, 
(dress, shirt and belt).
I'm sure one day I will be tempted to purchase from them.

Loving the old photograph of Nice in the background frame.
It was an anniversary present to the other half last year, we went there on our honeymoon.
Awesome place. How many photographs did I take? Loads. I think I loved the photo of Nice really for myself! 
Don't we all do that, or is it just me?!?!

It's now I let you into some upsetting news that alas the teapot leaks! Such a shame, it will have to be turned into something else! This is my next challenge. Can you notice the brown tea cheekily sneaking out from the bottom of the teapot! Very cheeky that pheasant teapot! A mosaic it could possibly become! 

Loving Chris's red tights look, how bright are they! Thinking it does match the breast of the pheasant, and that's what tea drinking is all about, matching your china to your outfit!
Not really, but worth a try!
The challenge is on, to match Chris 's outfits to my teapots and china! Or anyone else that visits.
(Do I stop having visitors round when I run out of teapots?)
We did have a ladies Vintage tea night the other evening and we handed out different coloured vintage china filled with wine as the ladies entered to match their outfits! Such a good idea, as everyone always looses their wine glass when out for an evening!

I love this old piece of furniture, brought the desk a few years back. It needed so much work done on it. I love white painted wood, it is now where I do all of my work.

However it does show up crayon and pencil marks by certain young artists!

Hope you liked the Pheasant collection, sadly this is it's last appearance.
This is in memory of you my Pheasant friend! 
Our last experience together is now recorded for all to see what great beauty you really possessed in your short life.

Oh my dear Pheasant.


(Pheasant teapot from Sheriden, Staffordshire)
(Pheasant teacup, saucer and side-plate from Argyle, England)

Also apologies to Mr Pheasant for thinking you were a Mr Grouse 
at first! OOoooppss

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Fancy Vintage's First Blogger Award!

Thank-you so so so much....Fancy Vintage's First Award!
Feeling so Honoured to get the Stylish Blogger award!.
Thank you to Chrissie and Heidi from Wit en Bont 
(White and Spotted)for choosing Fancy Vintage.

Check out their site, they have such lovely ideas and photographs.

The "rules" of accepting the Stylish Blogger Award is to say 8 interesting things about myself! Yikes!

Here goes..
I have also put in an extra un-true fact about me, see if you can spot it!

1. Besides the fact that I have a passion for vintage china.I also love collecting vintage fabrics, buttons, vintage toys, old wooden picture frames, old cricket sets, tennis rackets, vintage suitcases, knitted blankets, pretty eiderdowns, and 1940-50's magazines. I'm sure there are a lot more if I think about it!

2. We used to move around a lot; which was fun. Besides England and Wales we used to live in America for 11 years; in Pennsylvania, California and Maryland. So so so loved it. Even went back for part of my degree to a University in South Carolina 

3. I did a B.A and M.A in Fine Art in the UK and the States.For my Masters course I latexed different parts of a church to make a large virtual church which was then suspended in a gallery. The latex church was huge (9 foot high and 23 ft long). Loved it, such fun. There was even a latex cross that was suspended inside. The local Church is so amazing and so involved in the community. How awesome of them to let me latex their 100 year old stained glass windows! In Awe of them, so many of the congregation travelled quite far to see the final showing of the latex church. How cool is that, have started going there now!

4. I love photographing everything; I am so in love with Martin Parr’s photographs  and his not very interesting photographs! I have quite a few of his books and find them so inspiring. Checkout  his website.

5. I love swimming in the sea as far into the winter as possible. A few of us have a bit of a competition going, who can swim first and last of the year!  I love the challenge, even though last time I went for a swim; the tide was turning and the stormy waves were a little threatening.  Or Maybe it was the slimy smelly seaweed and the festering flies that also were the turning point in not returning! Has anyone tried coasteering? Oh my word, what an adrenaline rush, so much better then a  roller-coster ride! For those that may not know, it is basically scrambling, climbing, swimming and cliff jumping of the Coastline. Last time I went it was nearly dark, streaming rain, waves that were pounding the rocks; What excitement! 

6. I am a really keen Mountain biker, I love nothing better then a sharp descent on my bike down a single track trail in the Afan Forest (in Wales). It is such a buzz, and so hard to beat. You must try it, honestly! Check out for inspiration. There must be an area near you with some amazing trails.

7. I never visit any car boots, charity/thrift shops, antique shops, auctions, ever. I never secretly hide things around the house or garage and never say I've had this for ages.

8. So love visiting all coffee and teashops, I have tried to get the little ones to enjoy teashops and appreciate Fine bone china!  So far so good, they love eating their cereal out of blue and white stripy china bowls! And one of their first words was china!
Love it, points all the time saying china, china, china and taps it ever so gently! 

Gower Beach 

9. Lastly loving spending time with my little ones and beautiful other half hiking the outdoors, especially the Gower, the Lake District and Cornwall. 

Sorry to have gone on for so long, got carried away. Did you spot the untrue interesting fact in the list! Thanks again for the award.  Also we have to nominate 8 Sites, This is so hard as there are so many beautiful blogs out there. Also as quite new to this, some of your blogs may have already got an award, so sorry if you get another one! I have found it encouraging, so hope you all do too. You all have such lovely and inspiring sites!



I thought also if I was being cheeky by adding an untrue silly fact about me, I thought I'd mention I stumbled across a humorous and cheeky link to a new blog all about a cheeky puppy. There seems to be a lot of blogs that mention their loved pets; I don't have a dog, but one visited me this week and I'm sure he asked me for a cup of tea!

Take care for now and loving so many beautiful sites out there.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Pink Rose Sadler Teapot,

I really love this light blue-pink rose Sadler teapot.
I have had it for years and years. I think it was actually one of my first teapots.

It was amazing then to stumble upon a small coffee pot that matched it, years later. 

Also loving this mixed set of turquoise and pink roses.

Top view of teacup and teapot. 

Also enjoyed another cup of Earl Grey tea with Chris, who is sporting the Sadler teapot with her denim dress. 

Loving her Denim dress look.
(Shirt, dress and belt by Anthropologie)
And funny orange floral glass cabinet behind is mine.
A few different angles of Chris and teapot below.

Better go and enjoy the outdoors while it has stopped raining, 
I thought spring was on it's way.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Vintage Dolls Houses,

I keep on seeing Vintage doll’s houses everywhere.
They seem to come in the same range of muted colours and mostly have a red or green roof.  Some are obviously showing signs of age with the windows, but they are still beautiful.

Loving Amber's Cottage above.

I so would have liked this one when I was a younger!

A little bit Swiss?

Not sure if I would have brought this one? looks bit sad :( 

I think I would have been scared if I opened my front door to a large pineapple.

Loving the pretty metal yellow heart shutters.

I am so loving them.
 I have resisted the urge to buy doll's houses,
 except maybe just this funny one!
I must remember that I can’t deprive the boy’s love for the houses too!
Especially as they love organizing the interior.

Particularly loving the 4 different types of male characters in the house at the moment on the lovely red spotty chairs.

Loving the downstairs interior look.
Could almost look real except for those steep steps and how uncluttered the house is and also that you would probably knock yourself out when ascending those stairs (notice head space).
So actually this interior shot doesn't look real at all.

How cool are these orange walls. Would you really want these on your walls at home?
So relaxing and peaceful!
I bet you are hunting through catalogues now searching, 
as you are so inspired to re-decorate your own living room!


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Me And My Red Spotty Teapot,

Just a short one today, been a busy day, 
but found time for a quick cup of tea.
with my favourite red spotty teapot!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Gold and Silver Vintage Shoe Collection.

The little ones discovered my shoe collection today, so was inspired to log them as so to speak!  
I admit I do have a soft spot for the old sparkly gold and silver shoe.   
I'm sure there must be a few people out there that must feel the same?  
or is just me?

The pile.

Six pairs of sparkly shoes all lined up.

My two favourite pairs of shoes.

Love these so much, so pretty.

Shouldn't mention that these actually are a bit small, 
but I was planning on framing them in a white box frame!
I did buy them for my friend Beth, who had to be Cinderella in a production.
She looked amazing in them.

These ones look better on.
These were a recent purchase from my visit to Bath.

Love the back of these shoes more then the front.

Think I have had these for years and years, They make me laugh so much.
These have been worn out many times and are surprisingly comfy.

These are quite comfortable too, quite cute.

Three young cheeky vintage shoe fans!

Loving the brown stripy socks with the gold shoes.

Loving this look.

Green and gold should never be seen except when wearing vintage.

Had to prize these away from number 3.
He absolutely loved these beauties.
What have I started?
At least he had sense to take his socks off for a better photo!

This is what number 3 did for some light entertainment this afternoon.
So good to train them early.

And this,
Let's hope he becomes an artist or shoe designer...

Haven't even begun on the bags!
Will leave that for another day.
Hope you like the Gold and Silver shoe collection.
Wonder if you have a preference?
Gold or silver?

Think I'm liking Gold, 
just so I can wear it with green socks!


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