Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day,

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, hope that you have a lovely day from 
Fancy Vintage China.  
Hope you also find time to have some chocolate goodies today. 
Here are some cheeky cakes to feast your eyes on from our lovely Valentine's vintage tea party at the weekend, Hope you enjoy!

Gorgeous chocolate cakes from Scrum Diddly,
check out their beautiful website.

More chocolate cakes from Scrum Diddly, oh my word they were amazing! I obviously had to try one!!!!!

Cute little cherry cake on vintage china.

A lovely cheesecake, well it looked beautiful and went within seconds,I'm more a lover of those chocolate cakes!

Really cute cupcakes,

More of Linda's really pretty cakes that didn't last long at all.

Lots of lovely homemade jams and vintage cups,

The last piece of that cheeky cheesecake,
loving the beautiful embroidered tablecloths!

Pretty pink glass bowls,

View of one of the tables, love the little light blue side-plate.

And one more heart cupcake to send you on your way,
Hope you enjoyed looking at the cakes,
have a lovely day,


  1. Those cakes looks sooooooo good.

    Happy Valentine's day too.

    Nina x

  2. Thank you so much! The cakes were amazing.

  3. I love vintage china too and those cakes mmmm....

  4. Thanks Rachael, can never have enough china or cakes!


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