Sunday, 27 February 2011

Pheasant Vintage China Tea-set

Had a lovely time yet again with another cup of earl grey tea from my lovely Vintage pheasant teapot! Yet again I stumbled on another pheasant tea-set that almost matched the teapot, at first glance you think it's matching, but check out those wings!

My lovely friend and neighbour Chris was also around to enjoy the experience,yes again her whole outfit is by Anthropologie, 
(dress, shirt and belt).
I'm sure one day I will be tempted to purchase from them.

Loving the old photograph of Nice in the background frame.
It was an anniversary present to the other half last year, we went there on our honeymoon.
Awesome place. How many photographs did I take? Loads. I think I loved the photo of Nice really for myself! 
Don't we all do that, or is it just me?!?!

It's now I let you into some upsetting news that alas the teapot leaks! Such a shame, it will have to be turned into something else! This is my next challenge. Can you notice the brown tea cheekily sneaking out from the bottom of the teapot! Very cheeky that pheasant teapot! A mosaic it could possibly become! 

Loving Chris's red tights look, how bright are they! Thinking it does match the breast of the pheasant, and that's what tea drinking is all about, matching your china to your outfit!
Not really, but worth a try!
The challenge is on, to match Chris 's outfits to my teapots and china! Or anyone else that visits.
(Do I stop having visitors round when I run out of teapots?)
We did have a ladies Vintage tea night the other evening and we handed out different coloured vintage china filled with wine as the ladies entered to match their outfits! Such a good idea, as everyone always looses their wine glass when out for an evening!

I love this old piece of furniture, brought the desk a few years back. It needed so much work done on it. I love white painted wood, it is now where I do all of my work.

However it does show up crayon and pencil marks by certain young artists!

Hope you liked the Pheasant collection, sadly this is it's last appearance.
This is in memory of you my Pheasant friend! 
Our last experience together is now recorded for all to see what great beauty you really possessed in your short life.

Oh my dear Pheasant.


(Pheasant teapot from Sheriden, Staffordshire)
(Pheasant teacup, saucer and side-plate from Argyle, England)

Also apologies to Mr Pheasant for thinking you were a Mr Grouse 
at first! OOoooppss


  1. What a very chique teaset! Sorry to hear it leaks.

    enjoy your new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  2. These pieces are gorgeous!! I love your photos!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and adding your link to the Vintage Blog Link Up!!

  3. Love the pheasant teaset, somehow very english country!
    Great idea having vintage teacups for wine!
    Have just blogged about your awarding me a stylish blogger award and linked here - thank you so much once again, and congratulations on yours!!!

    Gill x


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