Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Bath Vintage Market, Inspired by Silverware!

Oh what a weekend! My first weekend away in a long time! Exploring Bath’s eclectic mix of shops, markets, tearooms, coffee shops, patisseries...
 We took so many photographs, think over 450, will share the photographs with you another time! Not all of them, don't worry! Stumbled onto a vintage style market, a tad overpriced but it was still exciting and inspiring. We really loved the silverware so we took a few photographs to share them with you. We all know how many people love talking about their knives and forks! Well not really, but hope you like the few photographs of some very pretty cutlery.

A triptych of silverware,

Cutlery in a lovely box!

Loving the wintery tree reflections in the spoons,

More knives and spoons,

A very expensive brown box of silverware,

Loving these knives, wouldn't these be great for a wedding!

Expensive sets of cutlery,

Hope you are inspired and aren't too disappointed eating from your everyday cutlery.... Have a good day.


  1. I love the cutlery. I'm looking for vintage stuff like this for my tearoom but I've never seen it in abundance like you have in Bath! I hope you bought some!!

  2. Thanks, I so love this cutlery too, I have been collecting for ages too, you so can never have enough! Try car boots really early!


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