Saturday, 19 February 2011

Gold Vintage Coffee Afternoon.

After a few humorous comments about this over-the-top vintage gold china; I felt it was time to put it to good use on the first friend that visited.  
That friend was Chris who came round earlier armed with a scrumptious chocolate brownie.  
 I felt that there was only one coffee pot up for the task. 

The gold new one!
It’s first use!

Also loving Chris’s layered outfit.
Vintage style bicycle dress and belt by Anthropology.
(her favorite shop)
Maroon polo neck brought in Germany, 
and cardi from M & S. 

Really cute look,

There were a few giggles about the thimble sized coffee cup!
Was that one mouthful or two of coffee before finishing.

Thinking two mouthfuls!

I tell you, I think you could do a whole wedding for 100 people on this one coffee pot!
It could be that miracle coffee pot you were just looking for!
A very practical piece of china indeed!
Book your gold event now!



  1. And of course those of us who know Chris will appreciate how a massive in-your-face gold coffee pot is the perfect psychological fit.

    Beautiful photos Becca!


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