Saturday, 7 September 2013

Summer Vintage Wedding

Summer Vintage Wedding

We had a great time helping out with the vintage look for a beautiful wedding this summer with a lovely couple Tim and Jess in the picturesque Gower, South Wales. It was one of our biggest weddings  so far with 160 guests. Quite a lot of pretty pastel colours were used from the beautiful flowers to the delicate china used.

We especially loved the fresh sponge floral and strawberry fruit look of the lovely cake.

Lots of pretty flowers were displayed everywhere in jam jars tied up with string and lace.

Fancy Vintage bunting setting the scene.

Table plan made with brown paper and lace.

More of our vintage suitcases used for confetti.

Doily cones holding confetti.

Collected jam jars shown here before the drink was poured.


A good idea is to use different coloured/patterned straws for showing the difference between non alcoholic/ and alcoholic drinks.

Important part of a summer wedding day, drinking these!

We've collected a few typewriters now, they can be handy for the guests to leave messages for the bride and groom on different coloured papers.

Lots of vintage glass was used throughout the day from using them for jugs for pouring out the refreshing drinks when the guests arrived, jugs for water for the tables and also to go with the scones on arrival for cream, jam, butter and strawberries. Also not forgetting for the pink and green glass bowls for the desserts and the storage jars and pretty glass bowls for the sweet table.

Three stripy boys "helping" to set up the sweet table.

The ushers with the bride and groom in their converse and vintage handmade ties.

Beautiful bridesmaids in deep purple with matching bows to match the ushers.

Photo opportunity amongst the hay.

The arrival of Jess and Tim.

Vintage teapots arriving.

Loving the idea of photographs of friends, family and the happy colour pegged up on a string. 

Tables were named after the couples favourite films.

We now have pretty melamine plates for children.

 Good idea to turn the cups upside down if it's an outdoor wedding the night before:-)

More pastel colours.

Table view.

Dinky boys with their bow ties and blue velvet suits eating their food in the hay bales.

So from helping setting up the night before to the actual beautiful wedding day was great fun and it was really rewarding to see all the guests loving the day as well as the vintage china!

Sorry so many photographs, I took a few hundred so you are lucky to not be graced with many more! hehe

Take care for now.

Becca xxx

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Mad Hatter's Vintage Tea Party Window

Mad Hatter's Vintage Tea Party Window

I'm not sure how it happened but somehow recently we have had the excitement and honour of decorating shop windows. The most recent  being 'The Mad Hatter's Tea Party' window theme. This Year
Fancy Vintage has teamed up with Meagan from  Made in Mumbles  to combine both of our creative brains.
(I'm not sure if I actually have one at the moment)
 But we did have lots of fun with the lovely owners of

As you can guess it involved vintage china!

And vintage candle sticks.

And a few props.

All with a colourful pastel theme.

And a little bit of suspending random bits of china.

Shop window view from the inside.

thought I had better fill you in with what we've been doing recently. It's been quite a while since my last entry, so massive apologies for that. Fancy Vintage has had a really busy summer and year actually with weddings and tea parties and has let blogging fall by the way-side.

I may have more time on my hands coming up, or maybe not, seeing as we have another member joining Fancy Vintage soon. 

Take care for now and happy September. 

Becca x

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