Saturday, 30 July 2011

Vintage Agatha Christie Play,

We are so looking forward to Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None" play this weekend.
Not only because it has already had great reviews from last night's performance and has been directed by the lovely Beth, 
but also it will be funny to see lots of Fancy Vintage's furniture and china on show!
The play is set in the 1950's and it is a classic tale of murder and mystery on a strange island.

New bunting.


Red rose glasses.

Collection of glass decanters, candlesticks and more glasses.

More glassware.

Very Gold China collection.

More Gold china.

The soldiers keep on disappearing throughout the play.

And so do the people.

An old collage called, Live, Laugh and Love, 
I did a while back using vintage magazines.

More soldiers.

I only brought this painting for the frame, 
I was just going to get the little ones to paint on top of it, when it was needed!

Pink chair and glass cabinet.

Some cups and saucers on an old wooden tray. 

I love these knives and forks, you can never enough.

New floral bunting.

Pretty flowers from the local W.I.

Hope you have a good weekend.


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Colourful Ballons,

These are the balloons that went up a few days ago for our lovely
 Katy Harvey.

A truly awesome young lady who made the world a much more colourful place.

It is so true what someone else said about Katy is 

"that this world just got a little greyer".

She also loved absolutely everything about life.
And she so, so, so  made the most of it. 

Katy really loved colour and often wore odd socks - 
so quite a few colourful odd socks were seen at the church.

There was also a place to leave your colourfucomments too.

We will all miss our lovely Katy so much. 
She was an inspiration.

Katy's lovely cheeky smile at one of Fancy Vintage's wedding events.


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Flowers for the day.

Just some photographs of pretty flowers for today. 
Remember it's aways good to take time and smell the flowers.


To all the lovely people out there that need a good hug.


Friday, 8 July 2011

Vintage Paper Bunting,

Vintage Paper Bunting.

  Why not try this quick way of making your own paper bunting
using pretty floral paper. You don't need much. 
Just patterned paper, scissors, ruler, glue and pretty ribbon.

Measure a triangle on paper or card and cut out.

Use a pretty selection of floral paper for your triangles.
(We used Cath Kidston)

 A variety of different laces to experiment with.

Pretty doily paper triangles.

Evenly glue your triangles apart to ribbon.

This is just something quick and easy to make. The bunting would look so much prettier if you used patterned scissors for the edging of the bunting. Alternately you could also sew the edges of the paper.

It is so light that you can use tape to stick the bunting up with.

 We made loads.

 Have a fun day.


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Vintage Cake Stands,

I'd like to say that I pack my vintage cake stands on every trip that I go on! hahaha,
Think it would be quite funny really if you were taking the cake stands through customs at the airport.
It would be very practical!

Vintage cake stands on Cath Kidston fabric.

New cake stands going on sale soon.

Top view.


Green and gold cake stand.

Gold and pink rosebud cake-stand.

Top view.

Turquoise butterfly cake stand.

Top view.

Pink and gold cake stand.

Four cake stands in a row.

Love the little feet that sneaked up beside me.

 Side by side.

More cake stands to follow soon.
I'm sure you all can't wait!
What fun, love cake stand so so so much!
I use my fancy cake stand for fruit.
What do you use yours for?


Give away soon...........

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