Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Vintage July 4th.

****JULY 4TH****

Hope that you all had a great July 4th. We couldn't pass up the opportunity of having a little red, white and blue celebration.
Out came the bunting, vintage china and the star and stripy fabrics.

5 little people needed 5 little chairs. 
I love this light blue rocking chair, we brought it on a trip to Ireland a few years back.

Blue and white stripy jug on blue stars.

Bunting, stripy fabric and whicker chair.

Red and white spotty plate.


Lots more bunting.

Stripes and stars.

The 3 S's!
Spots, stripes and stars.

Fish fingers and chips on vintage china.

5 spotty plates for 3 wee boys and 2 wee girls.
One wee girl is way too small for food yet.
But that hasn't stopped us, we have already begun the wedding preparations for the 3 boys and the 3 girls.
Sorry kids.
Our decision is final!

One lonely gingerbread man left.

Gingerbread man x 6.

Olly from next door sent over some lemon poppy cake.

Lemon poppy cake on red spotty china.

Chris in navy blue.

Lots more photographs of Chris.

Can't believe how Chris stays so slim with all the gorgeous cooking that Olly does everyday!

What a lovely afternoon with awesome friends doing what most people like to do, 
eat and chat.

Can't wait to the next catch up.
Hope you had a good day.



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