Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Colourful Ballons,

These are the balloons that went up a few days ago for our lovely
 Katy Harvey.

A truly awesome young lady who made the world a much more colourful place.

It is so true what someone else said about Katy is 

"that this world just got a little greyer".

She also loved absolutely everything about life.
And she so, so, so  made the most of it. 

Katy really loved colour and often wore odd socks - 
so quite a few colourful odd socks were seen at the church.

There was also a place to leave your colourfucomments too.

We will all miss our lovely Katy so much. 
She was an inspiration.

Katy's lovely cheeky smile at one of Fancy Vintage's wedding events.



  1. I loved the balloons outside the church. I loved that there was a HUGE amount of 'odd sock' wearing! Very Katy! Such a sad day, but such a beautiful one. The world got a bit greyer, but her colour and vibrancy will live on in us all. To our lovely Katy x

  2. aww this looks like such a good way to remember x

  3. From everything I have heard about Katy I can imagine she was a girl you could never be sad around. She sounded like an amazingly uplifting person. It's just unbelievable when a vibrant person like she dies. It somehow doesn't seem possible.

    The odd sockage is brilliant. Just brilliant. And the leave your comment washing line will have be lovely for her husband to read over and over again.

    I'm so sorry for you that she is gone. I hadn't made the connection that you and V are sister in laws on the same side, otherwise I'd have been here to offer my sympathies earlier.

    Blogger has not been telling me you've been posting so I'm just going to have a little float through your archives to see what I have missed.



  4. This is a really touching tribute to who sounds like she was a really top gal.
    Life can be cruel, stealing it from someone who really appreciated it.
    Odd socks tickled me and I love the splashes of colour. Beautiful.
    Lots of love to you
    x x


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