Thursday, 7 July 2011

Vintage Cake Stands,

I'd like to say that I pack my vintage cake stands on every trip that I go on! hahaha,
Think it would be quite funny really if you were taking the cake stands through customs at the airport.
It would be very practical!

Vintage cake stands on Cath Kidston fabric.

New cake stands going on sale soon.

Top view.


Green and gold cake stand.

Gold and pink rosebud cake-stand.

Top view.

Turquoise butterfly cake stand.

Top view.

Pink and gold cake stand.

Four cake stands in a row.

Love the little feet that sneaked up beside me.

 Side by side.

More cake stands to follow soon.
I'm sure you all can't wait!
What fun, love cake stand so so so much!
I use my fancy cake stand for fruit.
What do you use yours for?


Give away soon...........


  1. they are AMAZING :D! I love the one with the pink and gold :D!

  2. The pink and gold ones are my favourite! I have a beautiful pink and gold cake stand given to me as a present from my beautiful sister in law! How awesome was that?!!!!! Strawberries and mini cakes go on mine! xxx


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