Friday, 1 July 2011

Paper Doily Sweet Cones,

Paper Doily Sweet Cones.

Really had good fun making these white paper doily sweet cones for a Summer Prom yesterday. 
They are easy to make and not too expensive!

Materials needed:
pretty paper doilies,
and a stamper kit.

** You can also decorate them with anything**
(I used photocopied butterflies)

I am a wee bit in love with this vintage Family Printing set.
You can use modern stamper sets too, which work just as well.

Really love my other printing stamper set too. 
I have had it for ages and it has been so useful. 
You do need tweezers to get the letters in and out though.

Instructions just in case.

1.Fold the paper doily in half and then cut it on the fold.
2. If you are stamping a message on your cone, this is the best time to do it while it is flat.
3. Roll the doily into the cone shape, this takes practice to get the hang of the right shape.
4. Tape it on the inside.
5. Glue it on the outside to make the ends nice and smooth.
** you can decorate it with anything you fancy now **
( I used a photocopy of a butterfly for my cones)
6. Fill it with sweets or confetti or anything.
7. Eat the sweets.

Paper doily overload, I used the round ones as opposed to the rectangle doilies.

Had to make 110 in total.

And stack them up

into piles.

Detailed shots of the intricate paper pattern.

Different ways of displaying the doily sweet cones.

Transported them carefully in stacks.

I put these paper cones in a large vintage glass bowl.

Paper doilies full of yummy sweets.

More photographs to follow of sweet table.

I had to put this photo in below of a paper doily full of sweets and a Corona beer!

Made me laugh.

Take care for now.



  1. What a lovely idea - they look fantastic! Love the look of the sweets inside - do I see ABCs and swizzles among other things?

  2. Oh LUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am going to have to do those for the Princess's next party!
    Gorgeous post, as always.
    x x

  3. I love this, great idea, it looks so pretty :D!


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