Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Had a short visit to London this weekend.
What a beautiful sunny day. Checked out a couple of Church services, a couple of shops, a couple of coffee experiences and a couple of visits to The Royal Marsden.

A narrow London bridge.

Checked out the massive and amazing shop Anthropologie.
Did check with the lovely staff there to make sure it was ok to take a couple of photographs.
As my next door neighbour is a big fan of this shop, It was great to finally see why she gets it! Wow, what a shop. 

Wow. Loved everything about the Anthropologie shop.

Very large hand crafted teapot.

So much attention to detail on the floor, walls and ceiling!

Detail of the engraved wooden wall.

Display of painted colour swatches.

Old books everywhere on display.

Old pages from books.

Marbled books and brown cups.

Old wooden shoe sculpture.

Really cute large mis-matched lamp shades.

A massive selection of different styles of knobs displayed in fun wooden boxes.

Chunky mustard and cream yellow floral towels.

Really liking the cut-out dress patterns as wallpaper.

Painted landscape dress.

Really cute.

All the clothes and accessories were displayed in such a fun way.

Bright red and blue patterned chair.

A selection of mismatched mirrors.

 Painted old wooden spindles from staircases sculpture.
 Also can see you see the 3 cute dinky chairs. 
They had original inspiring artwork everywhere.

Didn't realise that Anthropologie did shoes as well until we were leaving.

Only had time for a little shop. 
Brought some gorgeous colourful pyjamas and some strawberry lip balm there for my lovely sister in law.

Main reason for visiting London was to visit my beautiful sister in law who is bit poorly.
Wow I am in such awe of her and my lovely brother.
Not enough words to say how amazing they both are. 

Amazing building where she is at the moment.

Took a few photographs of the light streaming onto the many stairs in the Hospital.

More stairs.

Big, big painting of a tall man.

 Nice stag.

They have such a range of beautiful art and glass work there.

So in awe of the size of the hospital and the kind staff that are taking care of everyone.
Big, massive thank you to you all.

Then it was the journey home into the sun.

So So So wish I lived so much closer to London right now.

But am so sending up some mega big ones to the big Guy for my lovely brother and sister in law.

Take care for now.



  1. Lovely photo's must be hard on you all. Sending you positive thoughts, dee x

  2. Wish I had been there with you. Speaking to the Big Guy a lot too.......xxx

  3. Hope your sister in law will feel better soon!!

    Did not know you had an Anthropologie store in London. I will have to visit again soooooon!

    Happy day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  4. What a lovely pictures, the antroplogy shop looks amazing :D! I hope your sister in law will be better soon.


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