Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Vintage Picnic,

Blue and White Stripy Vintage China.
We grabbed a rare moment of sunshine this week to have a picnic outside which was inspired by the lovely blue and white stripy Cornishware look.

As mentioned previously the little ones love eating from china.
So have to get them trained early to like it! ha ha. Actually I think my other half has broken more china then them! Probably because he does most of the washing up and also we have a belfast sink!

There is nothing like fresh grapes and strawberries for an outside picnic.

And they love just plain pasta.

I absolutely love jugs. I have quite a collection now.
Must stop spending!

Sorry got carried away with photos.

This is such a wide stripy cup.

Love the reflection of the tablecloth on the cup.

Like the flowers and the spots,

and the stripes.
Like a lot of things don't I!

Bird's eye view of the strawberries.

More spots and flowers.

My newest cutest fan of picnics is baby Elsa at a few weeks old!

My red floral skirt and coffee.

Two different blue and white stripy bowls.

More strawberry pictures.

Blue and white spots and stripes.

Can you really ever get enough of spots and stripes?

I love this blue striped and floral teapot.

From every angle.

Think I have used this Teapot for a photo shoot with Chris before.

Love this plate, it has a nice blue rim that you can't see very well on this photo.
My beautiful friend Beth came round with scrumptious chocolate and beetroot brownies.
Just what the Dr. ordered!

Dark and light blue spotty cups.


Two different stripy jugs.

One for milk and one for blue flowers.

Amazing light

and shadow.

Sorry so many photographs, this was only for 5 people.
But it was a lot of fun to use pretty china.

Hope that we have lots more sunshine for lots more picnics this summer.



  1. looks like a perfectly lovely picnic, made more so, by all of the beautiful china. i hope lots of sunshine and picnics are coming your way this summer.


  2. aww looks like you had a lovely time. Love the blue stripes and the spots you have to love a spot ;-)) And chocolate and beetroot cake sounds yummy. I am praying more sunshine believe me ;-) dee xx

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog - great china - I can never decide if I prefer blue and white stripes, or red with white dots. So I buy both! I also love the way some of your photos have blurry edges - how do you DO that??

  4. I love blue and white stripes, I found a tiny basin in a charity shop last week, but I like flowers, roses, spots the list goes on :)
    Looks like a lovely picnic
    Cate x


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