Friday, 10 June 2011

Midsummer Ball.

A few of us attended a fun meeting last night to discuss the upcoming Midsummer Ball. Only a few weeks left and there's only a little bit of tweeting left to do. It is actually called Juicy Lucy's Midsummer Ball by Royal Fairy Proclamation. What fun, love this idea.

Dress code.... Big ballgowns and black tie for the Princes! 
And possibly...
(Wear a wedding dress if you want to!) 

It would be really good fun to wear your wedding dress, don't you think? Question is, will mine actually  fit??!?

It is going to be a Pink bubbly reception in the gardens.

Beautiful grounds surround the 1890's Pavilion which has just been beautifully refurbished.

Love the view of the Mumbles and the beach from the front of the Pavilion.

 There will be a buffet of Indian cuisine followed by a live band and dancing till late. Sounds like such fun. We had a chance to sample the food, which was really tasty.

Well done to Lucy and her team who have done so much work organising this.

 All funds raised will go towards "Changing for the Better" which is a project aimed at improving facilities at Ysgol Crug Glas which will positively impact the lives of children, young people and adults with severe and multiple disabilities in Swansea. 

They have also organised amazing prizes and auctions for the evening.

The massive green entrance doors.

Really love the lighting!

 And all the attention to detail on the building.

Lucy checking out the flooring and the proposed band area.

Such a massive space. 
Possibly 35 tables required!

Thinking where shall we put the fairy lights?

and the flowers?

and the butterflies?

 and the fairies?

And most importantly of all...

 the pretty cakes and the fancy vintage cake stands?


How exciting!

How many more sleeps.
Can't wait.

Now where is that tiny dinky wedding dress I got married in only the other day?

Am I living hopefully that I will still fit into it after all these years?

Fat chance!

Better start looking for an alternative, like a tent!


Also you must check out Juicy Lucy's fun site.


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  1. How much fun will that be!!!!!!! I couldn't fit into my wedding dress now......would have to buy a new one!!!!!! ha ha!



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