Monday, 20 June 2011

One Shoe Coffee Shop

Stopped by the One Shoe Coffee shop while preparing for the Ball the other day for a takeaway coffee.
How Cute is this dinky shop. Love it. Shows that you don't need much space for a cool small coffee shop!

Had quite a range of cakes and fresh baguettes.
All looked really yummy.

This Victoria Sponge was massive.

Loving the vintage Bread bins. I have a soft spot for these.
I used to paint and sell them years ago.
How silly now I think!
Also above the bread bins is the original green and yellow glass Lennard's Boot and Shoe sign.

Love these brass coloured huge light shades.

Cool looking cream Elektra coffee machine.

Original boot signs that were hidden away for years.

Love the gold and green.

And room to sit outside on the turquoise tables and chairs.

I had to dash though,
As had pom poms to help put up for the ball.

But defiantly a good place near the centre of Swansea to pick up your take-away coffee and chocolate.



  1. What a cool coffee shop..........must pay it a visit next time I am down that way!!!!! xxx

  2. Looks like a really cool place and not to far away from me! xxxx


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