Friday, 3 June 2011

Vintage Hats,

I stumbled onto these lovely hats the other day.
 It was the the light blue net hat that caught my eye at first,
and I thought oh that's quite cute.
I almost missed the other cheeky 4 hats hiding near it.

I just love the detailed cream flower on the top.

I think this cream frilled hat is really cute.

This blue hat has a little bit of everything to keep everyone happy.

I just so love the light green folded fabric on this hat.
I'm sure I have a tablecloth that would match this hat!
Perhaps I should get my sewing machine out again and make the tablecloth into a lovely matching dress?

This wee cream hat is just so sweet.
I love the dinky bow on the top.

So I was a little bit greedy and brought all 5 of the hats.
They all looked like they wanted to be together.

Wouldn't the hats be great for dressing up?

It was funny when I had to pick up the little ones soon after buying them.
They were so excited and loved the hats and wore them all the way home.

Ok so the little wee ones really love eating and drinking from vintage china and love wearing my old vintage shoes around the house and now it's hats!

What's next?

Is this is a good training process for them?



  1. Love those hats! Just looking at them reminded me of Sunday mornings at church and all the older ladies in their hats! Great finds.

  2. Oh I wish my daughters would love vintage as much as I do. Lucky you! Those hats look great. Hope you can wear them some day.

    Lieve groet,


  3. Loving the hats! What a collection you are gaining! Your dressing up box must be quite something!!!!!!


  4. My daughter was hooked from the day I let her rummage in my jewellery box :)
    The hats remind me of my grandma she always had a new one just like those for family weddings.
    Cate x

  5. I Love the green one! I LOVE it! MAke a dress MAKE A DRESS! It must be worn as an outfit. Make a dress and blog about it!!!!



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