Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pretty Rose Pink Jug,

So love this Pink spotty rose jug.
It is such a perfect size and it is perfect for the approaching summer flowers. I also have a passion for collecting old tins and jewellery.
I actually think I just look at them more then wear them.
Also really handy to use pretty floral vintage saucers to put the old jewellery in.

Then it is really easy to find them.

Now where did I put that pretty saucer?



  1. Lovely jug, flowers and spots you just can't go wrong ;-)) dee x

  2. Ahhhhhh Avoca. I Love this print.....so pretty!

    Loving your accessories too, a girl after my own heart! What a cool idea to display them on vintage saucers...might have to nab that idea!!!!!

    Big hugs


  3. Ohhh the pink jug is so lovely :D, and I love the old jewellery :D

  4. Stunning stunning stunning. I love little jugs and this one is lush!!!
    And jewellery in vintage saucers, brill!
    Hop over to my post today, I've given you an award.
    Gem x

  5. Swooning over the cup and saucer on the tin. DE-LISH-US. Oh yes it's delicious.



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