Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Yellow & Blue Fancy Vintage China,

Should I pick the yellow or the blue vintage china cup?
That was on Chris's mind when she popped over the other day for a spot of coffee.
A very tough choice and one not to be taken lightly.

Which one?
Royal blue or Sunshine yellow china teacup?

Both from the Royal Albert Regal Series.

 I think you may need sunglasses with this yellow cup!

And also which dessert should we choose?
One chocolate cake and one cheese cake?

Sorry Chris there is no way you are taking the chocolate cake!
I know you did actually bring it with you from lovely Sococoa,

Still loving my pink peonies that have lasted miraculously ages.

Once again Chris is sporting a unique and stylish look from anthropologie.
A stunning butterfly wing pattern on this yellow skirt.

Love the detailed lace look of the blue top also by anthropologie.

A blue denim jacket to finish the look so we can have a quick dander out!

And did we really have time for a wee shop and a Starbucks coffee as well?

A total day of coffee overload! 


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  1. What lovely cups - such bright colours. Beautifully co-ordinated ;)!


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