Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Vintage Parasol Beach Towel,

I visited my favourite Beach recently. It is a little bit quieter then most of the other local seaside spots. I really love strolling through the little lanes to get there in the late afternoon as it's only a short walk away. It was the perfect opportunity to introduce my new friend "The Vintage Parasol Towel" to my favourite spot.

My favourite spot.

My new favourite colourful beach towel.

Lots of different views of my new sunny towel.

The Parasol towel really loved it's first visit to a Welsh beach in a long long time.

 It was really an effort to get it to go home!

I had to drag it all the way practically!

Until the next visit.



  1. The beach looks really lovely, and the towel looks very at home on the pebbles! I bet you had trouble getting it back home! When ever I am at the beach I have the same trouble!!!!!!

    Much love


  2. I just closed my eyes and transported to your lovely beach with your parasol towel draped over my shoulders. What a nice break ~ ha! Now back to sewing. Thanks for the help:)


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