Sunday, 12 June 2011

Vintage Handbag Skirt.

What I wore today.

I love this handbag skirt so much.
It is easily my most favourite skirt ever.
Well so far.

It has loads of really cute different style handbags on it.
I brought it a few years ago from the Clothes show live event in Birmingham. Ok, I may have been tempted by a few other skirts too.
I will save those photographs for another time.

And I love these Black pointy shoes from Dune.
They have really cute little heals on them.
A change from summery flip flops!

Oh where has the sun gone.



  1. Looks real cute ;-)) I know it feels more like April with the showers but well we must not complain the garden and the farmers etc need it. have a lovely week, dee x

  2. Your skirt looks really lovely, what a cute print! :)

  3. Love, love, love the handbag skirt...what an awesome print! The shoes look divine too....can you come and give me a wardrobe make over please?!!!!!!!


  4. I love the skirt in the picture! its like looking inside a bag studios for my next handbag...


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