Sunday, 19 June 2011

Summer Fairy Ball,

All I can say is WOW!
Juicy Lucy really knows how to have fun!
These are just some of the photographs from the lovely Juicy Lucy Fairy Ball last night.They were taken before the crowds arrived.

I am so in love with these pink and white pom poms.
There was a certain knack to putting them together.
 The paper ones were so so so delicate.
I liked helping with the net ones a bit more!
Way easier.

Also hung some pretty pink and white paper lanterns too.

They were suspended from invisible wire from the lighting.

Loads and loads of pom poms.

Hired the really tall trees from lovely Dave and Holly.

Tall ladder and tables

Loads of pink and white helium filled balloons.

Love the Patti pavilion as a venue. They were ever so helpful and professional and also awesome food too.

The suspended lighting without any decorations.

Vintage pretty pink plates on gold cake stand before cakes.

Cake stand with flowers,butterflies and tasty cakes from Cwtch cakes.

Before decorating.


Vintage cake stand on table, before cakes.

Juicy Lucy place names and gifts for everyone.

Lucy Juicy carriage photo booth.

Pretty Juicy Lucy love signs. 

220 cups and saucers on table in total!
Where do we keep it all!

Didn't realise how many gold china sets we had.

And an awful lot of  teapots,

 and coffee pots were required for 25 tables!

Just put this in, as I liked this photo. 
An awful lot of balloon blowing action.

I am so in awe of how much help everyone put in.
What an amazing team.
Lucy did a fab job, and the Fairy Ball raised an awful lot of money for a really great cause.
Well done, we are all so proud of you Lucy and your fab team!
You are such a star!

More photos to follow.

Sorry, have you had enough yet?



  1. Wow! Great decorations! You cake stands and china look perfect in between all the pinks and lilacs.

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  2. wonderful pics as always. Looks stunning. The hanging flowers is a brilliant idea. x

  3. Stunning! As always your photos are beautiful and a real pleasure to look at. Have a lovely week!

  4. Beautiful post, that ball looks awesome....would have loved to have been there. Beautiful dresses and vintage china would have been heaven to me!

    I have been making some of those flower pom poms today. I picked up some crepe and tissue paper cheaply in a craft shop the other day and thought I would have a play....they are addictive......what am I going to do with them though?!!!! This Cinderella is definitely NOT going to any Balls!!!!!!

    Have a lovely day!



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