Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Table Plan

How about this idea for a table plan for your wedding from Made in Mumbles, with photographs by  Rasa Mombeini.With a few props by us, Fancy Vintage. We have a little bit of love going on for old vintage cameras and gold frames.


  I love the idea of putting up your old vintage photographs from your grandparents/parents wedding. Or maybe you could ask for photos from your guests before the big day to put on here?  

We also have a little bit of a soft spot for old typewriters too.


I love how one of my wee ones asked if the typewriter played games, when he first saw one!


Take care for now.


Becca x

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Gold Vintage China Wedding Display

We sometimes get asked if we can do something different for a top table for a wedding. So we went for something different this weekend at a recent wedding Fair in Swansea. Everyone loves a little bit of Gold so we went a little bit over the top and did a complete table setting entirely in gold.
With the help from Meagan from Made in Mumbles, we completed the look with a dome floral display and added a few bits of vintage china. 

* Gold china detail*

* Gold themed table setting for ten *

* Table setting*

 We have also collected quite a few glass cake stands now. Can you ever have enough? (probably!)

 And also candle sticks,

*Gold coffee pots*

Random gold cup amongst the greens!

Lovely dome floral display by Meagan from  Made in Mumbles.

The collection of gold teapots/coffee pots is growing.

Gold teapots in storage.

Gold sugar bowls.

Top view.

Hope you enjoyed 
and it's goodbye from me, 


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Olympic Vintage China Circles


We were inspired by the 2014 Winter Olympics to put a few pieces of china together.
We have quite a selection here now so it was fun playing around with all the china.
Hope you like it.


We particularly love this green china.

Hope you enjoy watching the winter Olympics too!

Take care for now.

Becca x

Monday, 10 February 2014

Teacup Love!

Teacup love!

As you would have guessed I'm a little in love with many a pretty vintage teacup or two. You might agree with me in thinking that it's a much more pleasurable experience drinking your tea from a thin fine bone china teacup. It is something that I have heard over and over again from my mom, 'I much prefer a thin teacup rather then a thick mug to drink my tea from.' So it was ingrained in me from an early age to notice delicate fine bone china! 

So I thought it might be nice to share a few of my favourite teacups with you.

Only a couple of teapots/coffee pots today, I think they might need an individual post of their own!

Flower cupcakes by Scrumdiddly cakes.

 I soooo have a soft spot for Royal Albert's Lady Carlyle china!

Is this a Pink overload?

Pink, green and gold. 

This Royal Albert trio reminds me of my mom and her love for purple. I sometimes hear her quote from the poem, 
"When I grow old I will wear purple"

I love all this mixed up green!

Coalport's Junetime china

 A little bit more of some Royal Albert china loving going on here.

A little bit of rose love.

 There is nothing more satisfying then playing with table settings! Or is that just me!

 Who isn't in love with old books?

I love this green utility china, I've got a few bits and pieces of it in green, yellow and blue now, inspired by my lovely sister in law. This cup of tea was at my lovely florist's friend house though.

Finishing now with this pretty blue floral cup and teapot.

Hope you have a lovely Monday.

Make sure you find time to have a cup of tea!



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