Monday, 6 June 2011

Chocolate Fudge Cake,

We had loads of fun making this chocolate fudge cake this weekend.
We had lots of visitors and we thought it would be nice treat. 

Mixing the ingredients.
Love this cowboy shirt, it has so been passed down!!

Was so excited when I came across this cream coloured hand mixer a few months back.
The little ones love it.
Notice the cheeky hand sneaking some chocolate.

Love this really handy large Mayfair pink rosebud china mixing bowl.

All three little ones taking turns with the hand mixer.
Notice the chocolate covered fingers on the right.

Chocolate cake before decoration,
sitting on Cath Kidston pink rose fabric.

After decoration with pretty pink and yellow cake flowers.

And once again the really beautiful blue Pip Studio large plate.

It is so rare that I cook, that I had to take a few photos to show people that I can actually do it!
My mother in law was in disbelief!

Funny really as I made it for a few visitors that evening.
And can you believe it, they all cancelled!

So I took it to them!
No one was going to escape that easily from my cooking!!!
And I watched them eat it. Just to make sure.

Proof that the cake had actually been cut into.

I was actually surprised that it actually tasted ok,
Ok I was really surprised.
I rarely cook desserts.
That taste nice, that is!

Take care and happy eating cake all!



  1. LOVE IT!

    Looks good and bet it did really taste yummy!

    Love the cheeky ones taking every opportunity to get at the chocolate! Very tempting!!!!!

    If I was there it wouldn't have lasted long on the plate! he he!

    Next time I am down your way, a blanket is coming with me for a great vintage save a date in your diary!!!!!

    Big hugs to you


  2. What a fabulous looking pie. Those roses make it look perfect. Well done for someone who never cooks!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  3. That looks delicious! I loved the photo with the little chocolaty finger! x

  4. yummmmy!! x

    you will be rivalling me soon!

  5. Excellent photos , loved the china , the cath kidston cloth, chocolate cake and children's hands. Looks like you have the recipe for a happy home :)


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