Saturday, 4 June 2011

Spring Wedding - Cakes,

 Wedding Cakes at a Spring Welsh Farm Wedding:

 There was a feast of cakes served on vintage china at this lovely Swansea wedding. Fancy Vintage China was lucky enough to be involved in this amazing Welsh celebration. Everyone that came to the wedding was asked if they fancied bringing cakes as their wedding present.It was such a brilliant idea.It was an amazing turn out of cakes and puddings!

 Lovely vintage embroidered tablecloths from Fancy Vintage!

Love these pink cakes.

Lime green cup-cakes made by Frankie.

Bee Chocolate cup-cakes.

Lovely garden flowers and more pink cakes.

Chocolate profiteroles on one of the glass cake-stands. 

Pretty delicate tulips.

A plethora of pink cakes with raspberries.

Truly scrumptious cookies.

Beautiful chocolate tart.

The wedding tables all had lovely fresh flowers in a variety of glass jars.

Vintage china ready for the food.

Ok, so the ladder had to be moved, but it wasn't just my little one who tried to climb it!

Love the cool dresses with the wellington boot look.

Spotty and floral dresses.

From the outside of the marquee you wouldn't have guessed the amazing detail inside.

As the groom is a specialist in sculpting wooden creations, he had put together a fun top table made out of wood.

And of course, always fun to bring the Big Gold frames along!

Really funny.

What a fun day.



  1. Original and personal...isn't that what we all want?

  2. Such a lovely idea much more relaxed

  3. Lucky you to work at such a great party! Love the idea of bringing cakes. I'll have to remember that one!

    Happy weekend,


  4. Fantastic cakes - all those wonderful cup cakes!
    Wedding looked great fun and a bit different!

  5. Love this post! What a fantastic idea to bring a dessert as a wedding present. I would love a wedding day like this.....will just have to do it all again and get Fancy Vintage to do a gorgeous china spread!



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