Monday, 4 July 2011

Vintage Glass Sweet Table.

Vintage glass sweet table,

It must be the best job in the world to organise a sweet table!
What fun! Surely guaranteed to be a hit???
Lost count of of the wide range of sweets.
The sweet table was for a prom in Swansea in the Norton House HotelSweets were all displayed in a large selection of pretty vintage glass.

Vintage glass sweet selection.

Ball room.

Butterfly name cards.

Alphabet sweets.

Pink shrimps and yellow bananas.


Flying discs.

Pink Bon bons.

White chocolate sprinkles.

Cola cubes and bunting.

Pink and white marshmallow twists.

Lots of vintage glass.

Paper doily sweet cones for the sweets.

Sweet table.

More sweets.

Cheeky hand.

A few more hands.

Lonely cone waiting to be eaten.

There wasn't much left at the end to take home.
I guess it was a success!
Happy brushing those teeth!

From me.



  1. How absolutely gorgeous! I love the paper doily idea - it's brilliant.

  2. Just looking at those sweets has brought back some lovely memories of my childhood!

  3. What amazing, I wish I was there, I would eat too much candy :D, it looks all so lovely :D! But I have to go to the dentist this week, so maybe it's good that I wasn't there ;).

  4. Wow, how totally scrumptious! x


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