Friday, 8 July 2011

Vintage Paper Bunting,

Vintage Paper Bunting.

  Why not try this quick way of making your own paper bunting
using pretty floral paper. You don't need much. 
Just patterned paper, scissors, ruler, glue and pretty ribbon.

Measure a triangle on paper or card and cut out.

Use a pretty selection of floral paper for your triangles.
(We used Cath Kidston)

 A variety of different laces to experiment with.

Pretty doily paper triangles.

Evenly glue your triangles apart to ribbon.

This is just something quick and easy to make. The bunting would look so much prettier if you used patterned scissors for the edging of the bunting. Alternately you could also sew the edges of the paper.

It is so light that you can use tape to stick the bunting up with.

 We made loads.

 Have a fun day.



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