Monday, 28 February 2011

Big Cakes!

Saw such a massive collection of cakes this week in a little tiny cafe in a back of a hall, where an auction was being held.
What a massive 3 tiered cake,I haven't seen one this big for ages. 
I was a little tempted by the chocolate one, but resisted!

A few different angles of the beast!

The cherry looks so small.

Would have looked much better on a vintage glass cake stand!

Had a lovely selection of welsh cakes too!

Fun to play with photographs of cakes;
Don't gain any pounds!

Have plenty more photographs of cakes I have eaten!
Another day.


  1. Oh my look at those cakes!!!
    Yummy - did you eat any of the big three tier one? I dont think I couldve resisted!
    Great photos!


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