Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Vintage Dolls Houses,

I keep on seeing Vintage doll’s houses everywhere.
They seem to come in the same range of muted colours and mostly have a red or green roof.  Some are obviously showing signs of age with the windows, but they are still beautiful.

Loving Amber's Cottage above.

I so would have liked this one when I was a younger!

A little bit Swiss?

Not sure if I would have brought this one? looks bit sad :( 

I think I would have been scared if I opened my front door to a large pineapple.

Loving the pretty metal yellow heart shutters.

I am so loving them.
 I have resisted the urge to buy doll's houses,
 except maybe just this funny one!
I must remember that I can’t deprive the boy’s love for the houses too!
Especially as they love organizing the interior.

Particularly loving the 4 different types of male characters in the house at the moment on the lovely red spotty chairs.

Loving the downstairs interior look.
Could almost look real except for those steep steps and how uncluttered the house is and also that you would probably knock yourself out when ascending those stairs (notice head space).
So actually this interior shot doesn't look real at all.

How cool are these orange walls. Would you really want these on your walls at home?
So relaxing and peaceful!
I bet you are hunting through catalogues now searching, 
as you are so inspired to re-decorate your own living room!



  1. Aww, how adorable!!! I love dollhouses and have 2 of them (one is a replica of my house.) I'll have to take pics and show them some time. It is so nice to meet you and I'm your newest follower.

  2. Thanks Cindy, so look forward to photos one day! I bet there are a lot of people out there with old doll's houses! Could be good link idea one blog month!!!
    Will have to work out how to put link button on!

  3. Love all the houses! I remember getting one when I was about ten. It was the first type to have electric lights so you could have it on at night time. I hid it behind a sofa to be really dark so I could see all the chandaliers lit up. It looked magical! Pity I have 3 boys who HATE dolls! Maybe I will get another one one day and have a trip down memory lane!

    Thanks for sharing the gorgeousness! xxx

  4. yhank you for your kind words, your blog is happy and collorfull,
    greeting irma

  5. hi there,
    i love china, indeed!!! So you're blog is also my cup of thee! (or how you write that...)

  6. I love doll houses. I had a big, cardboard one when I was young and loved it. Can you imagine if I would have had a "real" one? You've brought back some good memories. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Have a bit of a passion for old dolls houses too! The best fun is recreating a look from years gone by! Lizzie x


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