Friday, 18 February 2011

New Vintage Gold and Blue Teapot.

I picked up a lovely hand painted vintage bright blue teapot and large milk jug this week. 

Think I am so going to sketch this, it has to be the most perfect teapot to draw. 

I had a long way to walk so only had this box to carry the china in.  

I had to be so careful. Did I mention the over the top Vintage Gold Coffee set either? 
I'm not sure if I did....

 My word it is Bright! But kind of fun, and ostentatious, and a little bit flamboyant.
But I think that is why I like it, makes me laugh.

I probably also haven't mentioned it is my third set like this, oops. Can't help it, My brother even picked a few of this set up in London recently. Can you imagine a whole wedding in this!
(laughing now)
Or even just the top table?
Or a fancy dress wedding?
Or at the Oscars gold themed party?
Think I am trying to convince myself it was a good purchase.

Also the thing is my mother in law has the exact same gold tea-set handed down from her great aunty, but does she use it?
No,I have never ever seen her use it, ever! 
I will, I hope!  

(but I will be smiling while drinking coffee from this dinky gold cup)

Wonder how many of you will like this gold set?
Wonder how many are laughing!



  1. OMG i love all of these!!!! i would totally make tea time a ritual just to use that insane golden set; you should just have some of your friends over for tea and make a big production of it....& invite me haha :)

  2. Hi there, thanks for your funny comment, so laughing about thought of having friends over and making tea for them out of gold china with like a most serious face.ha ha, funny thought.
    Will have to do it and take photos!
    Just noticed you live over the pond in Baltimore,
    I used to live in Fallston, Maryland.a few years back though.

  3. I confess I don't like the gold set that much but I love that blue teapot! Thanks for visiting blog and taking time to comment!

  4. Oh Wow!!!
    I just love the bright blue teapot and jug, they are exquisite - what a find!! Imagine someone handpainting that years ago.
    And the gold!!! Well........that is so special and will be absolutely perfect for some very, very special occasion - and you already have more sets!!!!Made me smile to see it, it is so over the top!Glorious!

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments, I have been inspired by the gold set. My friend has just popped by for a cup of tea and had it from that glorious over the top Gold vintage tea pot!
    We have been laughing so much.
    Photographs soon!

  6. Aaah! A woman after my own heart... I 've been snooping through your posts and you have SO much glorious treasure. The pink glass bowls are my personal favourite but a plethora of gold tea sets, "Darlink, that is just so Zsa Zsa!!" I love it.
    Thanks for your comment, lovely to meet you, x

  7. These make me laugh!

    I think the next time I am down your way, I shall pop in for a cuppa and hope that you use these! x


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