Saturday, 5 February 2011

Fancy Vintage Clothes Find,

I am so so soooo loving these dresses from a vintage market earlier in the week,
Gutted didn’t buy one of them, but would have had to hide it somewhere in the house for a while! But you know that you could always have one more dress!
Hope you have a good day.

Love this blue vintage dress,

Emerald green Vintage dress

Cool brown and pink dress, love it.

My friend was so tempted with this green spotty dress! ish....

Imagine all the makes you could create with this vintage fabric!

Loved the red and green  scarves,

So many rows of gloves,

More gloves,

A tempted hand feeling the mittens,

 A really bright fur coat!

Narnia fur coats!

Fur hanging from an umbrella,

More fur,

Loads of cream itchy wool jumpers,

Smart jacket

Vintage jodhpurs,

A selection of tweed,

And lastly a really cute brown velvet jacket,

Hope you enjoyed, til next time,


  1. How absolutely exquisite! Wish I could hop across the pond right now and visit this incredible shop!

  2. Thanks for lovely comment, Only a short hop across the pond! Used to live over there a few years back!
    have good weekend, x


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