Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Pretty Pink Vintage Glass Bowls,

Just thought I'd put a collection of pretty pink and clear glass vintage bowls together.
Have quite a collection now, love the pink ones.  They came in quite handy for collecting donations for the Vintage tea party on Saturday.

Glass cake stand full of cakes,

Love these pink bowls,how beautiful would it be to have your dessert out of these!

Lovely piles of glass plates and bowls,

another view of pink bowls,

Really pretty large pink bowl,

A wobbly pile of clear glass bowls.

I brought some vintage green glass bowls last week, they are so funny, wasn't sure if I should have got them but I thought the Welsh St. David's day was coming up soon and was thinking red and green from the flag and yellow for the daffodils.............
Now where am I going to find yellow glass bowls!


  1. Simply stunning colours, love them!
    Lucky you to have such a collection.
    Ali xx

  2. Hi! So so glad you visited my blog because now I've found yours!! Thank you for your lovely comment, glad you like the vintage fabrics too!!
    I love the vintage glass dishes you show here - what gorgeous colours, your photos are amazing! How do you do the long collage, it looks so effective.
    Now I shall want to start collecting vintage glass too, as yours are so beautiful and inspiring!
    Lovely blog!
    Gill x

  3. Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments, I think pink anything is worth collecting, bet I won't get anyone liking the green vintage glass! xxx

  4. Oh oh oh! I love fancy glass... I'm currently awaiting delivery of a Mariskooli bowl from Skandium. I absolutely love the coloured ones but I played it safe and went for a clear one for now. Your post has made me want some coloured ones... I'm off to web-shop.

    Love your blog, just full of pretties. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Thanks, X
    Loving coloured glass too,
    Can you imagine a welsh dresser full of it!

  6. Thank you have visited my blog.
    I love your glass !!!
    Greetings Romkje


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