Thursday, 5 January 2012

Vintage Tea Cup Candles,

*Vintage tea cup candles*

Here is a selection of vintage tea cup candles that we made before Christmas. We used a variety of colours as well as scents.
I am so in love with all the evocative smells that we used for these candles.
 Beth did a sterling job selling them at craft fairs for Christmas presents.

The teacups can be used again after the candle is finished.

Pile of saucers.


Candle wax melting. 

Waiting tea cups.

These teacups are a great ideas for vintage weddings too. 
I love how they can be used again.
They sold really well last Christmas and I have been getting requests to refill the same teacup from last year as they have fallen in love with their pretty teacups.

As mentioned on yesterday's blog I have so many blog drafts that I never published.
I started this in November, oops, busy month that old December!

Take care for now.



  1. So lovey, those candle-tea-cups :)! I always put little candles in my teacups and I love it :)!

  2. I have an abundance of half written posts too. You're in good company! So does this mean we will see a lot more of you as you fling the drafts into the bloggersphere?

    I'm not at all surprised those candle cups sold well, they are gorgeous.



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